A Simple Guide to Natural Immune Boosters

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM; Carrie Lam, MD

Nobody enjoys the effects of sickness. These can be greatly mitigated by incorporating some of the foods that we’ll be discussing in this article into your diet as natural immune boosters.


Using ginger as natural immune boostersGinger is a mainstay of traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine and is used for a multitude of ailments thanks to its unique array of phytochemicals. Its properties have shown to include anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory aspects. As an alternative medicine, these two properties contribute as an aid to digestion among the young and old alike to better an individual’s overall well-being. As such a powerful digestive assistant, it has been found to ease frequent elements of morning sickness and nausea among pregnant women. From pain-relieving to fever-reducing, the uses for ginger seem to know no bounds.

If you have a sensitive stomach, ginger may not be the best option for you. Ginger is mildly stimulating and may result in gastric indigestion.


Another easy to use ingredient with incredible properties is garlic. It is an extremely developed plant with vast complexities. Known to have over 100 separate substances within its chemistry, the most important property that sets garlic apart as a player in the category of natural immune boosters is its sulfur content. This is what gives it such a pungent aromatic quality while simultaneously giving it the amazing ability to fight a variety of viruses and bacteria. Garlic has also been proven to work in conjunction with antibiotics. Whether it is used by itself or as an added supplement, it is a necessary addition to anyone’s health habits. Be careful with the use of garlic as an antibiotic if your liver is congested. Toxin released from the die off of bacteria may lead to a detox reaction if your liver is not able to dispose of the toxins promptly.

Natural Immune Boosters Aid in Cancer Fighting

Not many would like to admit it, but the increase in cancer rates is alarming. Nothing is more welcome than discovering an everyday food which contains cancer fighting properties. Basil is just that; a plant which, when the oil is extracted, has been shown in lab tests to contain apigenin, a cancer fighting bioflavonoid. There are currently research trials taking place which claim that basil has the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth and even kill cancer cells. As widely useable and versatile as this plant can be in cooking, it’s a no brainer to incorporate this herb into your usual meal prepping routine.

Turmeric is another under-appreciated and readily available spice that is widely used in the exotic tastes of eastern culture. Turmeric contains a substance called curcumin which is known as an effective anti-inflammatory as well as a cancer fighting agent. When properly added to meals, it can have tremendous health benefits, coupled with its wonderful flavor.

Natures Healing Properties for Adrenal Fatigue

Using garlic as natural immune boostersWhile attempting to heal or reverse the effects of adrenal gland fatigue, it must be considered that there are external factors that impact the stress levels, energy, and overall well-being of the human body. Some of these factors cannot be controlled, such as daily stress of modern living. However, some of them can and should be managed to the best of our abilities. When you implement a diet regimen of natural immune boosters, such as those discussed above, you are greatly increasing your prognosis for healthy day to day life. Foods with anti-inflammatory properties lower the need for cortisol and synergistically aid in the body’s ability to self-regulate the burden placed on the adrenal glands.

When you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or infection, it is important that you take steps to improve what you allow to enter your body and make deliberate choices when planning meals. It is often the case that people with high levels of stress and fatigue tend to neglect their dietary protocols in favor of what is easiest. These common practices often lead one head first into prolonged issues with adrenal fatigue and a continuation of the negative cycle that triggered many of the same symptoms in the first place. If you are already suffering from exhaustion and chronic stress, a supplemental dietary change, using natural immune boosters, may be in order.

Foods Role in Mitigating Stress Response

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response is our body’s overall approach to reduce stress. It’s effectiveness has a direct relationship with the supplements and foods we put into our bodies. Because the NEM response involves such a myriad of separate systems, it is important to make sure those systems are running properly and treated with care. Boosting your natural immunities directly serves to aid in the healthy functioning bio systems which we rely on during times of crisis.

When one can properly feed their immune system with food which can not only taste wonderful, but can fight disease and enable the natural response to stress through holistic means, they are more easily able to avoid hypersensitivity to external factors. This is very important because simply preparing your meals in an active and mindful way can make a dramatic difference in the extensive symptoms that stress reactions can bring forth.

Something that these miracle foods tend to have is a large and encompassing effect upon digestion. There is an undeniable link between all aspects of the NeuroEndocrine (NE) System including the organs, brain, immune system, and anti-inflammatory response which relates directly to the fuel with which we power our bodies. Simple diseases can be avoided almost entirely by lowering our natural proclivity for inflammation. There is a large correlation between leaky gut, food sensitivity, and inflammatory bowel disease with the food we regularly consume.


Using basil as natural immune boostersThose suffering from adrenal fatigue are already aware that diet and lifestyle choices are important when managing stress and health but it is necessary to examine how it all interconnects. We can look at all of the systems separately or we can see them as part of a greater picture with which all of our small decisions take part in reactions between adrenal fatigue, NEM stress response, and our daily intake of healthy foods. Once we take the responsibility upon ourselves to dig deeper and put these concepts into practice and the everyday burdens that we all face will become a bit more manageable.

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Using ginger as natural immune boosters