About Chronic Constipation: What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

About chronic constipation and stomach painConstipation often times appears to have no reason for its cause. A common complaint among people with Adrenal Fatigue is about chronic constipation and how to treat and prevent it effectively. Although it is hard for you to pinpoint the reason for your chronic constipation, there are many, many reasons from a professional perspective as to why you have it. Moreover, unless you get this right and follow some simple expert advice, you may have to live with such experiences longer than you think. Other than structural causes such as obstruction, the most common reasons why we get chronic constipation are due to the body’s dietary habits, such as insufficient fiber in your food intake. In the setting of fatigue of unknown origin, Adrenal Fatigue is a strong possibility.

Let us look at why you have chronic constipation a bit more for proper understanding of its causes.

The Facts About Chronic Constipation

What do you need to know about chronic constipation? Constipation in a layman’s understanding happens when there is the difficulty to expel feces from the body, thereby causing discomforts. The common technical reason adduced for this is that the colon has absorbed more water from unused food passing through it than is normal, thus causing the feces to become dehydrated and hardened. While this can pass as a simple explanation for sufferers to take certain precautions towards good nutritional health, I think you need to know why this situation has suddenly become so. Let us consider the scientific reason why the colon, all of a sudden becomes a ‘fluid sucker’, drying your food of its fluid.

If you have chronic constipation and your doctor tells you nothing is wrong, then the question is why would the body be in the state that is slowing down?

The Reason for Your Constipation

Like most people, the most common reason for your constipation is the slowing down in your bowel movement; your metabolism process is slower than normal, thereby causing your feces to take longer on its journey towards expulsion from your body. The reason for the slowdown in movement of your feces can be due to adrenal fatigue. When the adrenals are exhausted, they are unable to keep up with the body’s metabolic demands. In the advanced stages of Adrenal Fatigue, the body initiates a system wide slowdown in organ function. Constipation can result. This is an indication your body is tired, and this tiredness causes your body to want to conserve energy by slowing down the GI (gastrointestinal) tract activity, thus resulting in your feces becoming slower than is necessary.

Understanding Adrenal Fatigue and Your body system

The question is why does your body get tired? Before answering the question, it is necessary to understand what Adrenal Fatigue is and why it is important in your general well-being.

A highlight about chronic constipation and the effect to the bodyIt’s been estimated that fifty percent of adults will experience some form of Adrenal Fatigue at one time or another in their adult lives. This usually presents in various symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, sleeplessness, insomnia, anxiety, hypoglycemia, nervousness and depression, digestive problems, among many other bodily pains of unknown origin. While the pain may come suddenly and disappears without much effort, a few Adrenal Fatigue cases have degenerated into more severe, long lasting health crises. Advanced AFS can be so bad to make an affected person bedridden, sometimes completely incapacitated!

Therefore, adrenal fatigue is often the end result of stressful living where the body’s stress handling capability has been exceeded.

Now think about this, when the GI tract slows down, what happens to the food? The transit time, or rather the time that the food stays in the gut, from your mouth to the ultimate secretion as a bowel movement, will increase considerably. Now when the body’s ability to grind, absorb and break down the food products into smaller pieces becomes slower, then the pieces are not broken down as much. So as a result, when the gut slows down, the absorption also slows down; everything slows down and the body tends to be in a state of constipation. You should also note that not having your food properly broken down will affect digestion and may even lead to other complications. All these are because of Adrenal Fatigue.

As you must have noticed, when your body reacts to certain conditions, it would continue to adjust to such situation in attempt to correct or adapt to it. When such problem persists, unless treated early, it becomes a part of the body condition. Similarly, Adrenal Fatigue in advanced stages causes the body to slow down and conserve energy; this effort would result in constipation, given the above explanation about the body slowing down. This is why the tests conducted to find out about your chronic constipation show no particular cause; yet, your fatigue condition will continue to worsen.

Chronic constipation is a warning your body needs attention

Although people talk about unknown causes when testing the source of, and other factors about chronic constipation, but is it unknown? No! As you have just seen from the discussion above how the body tries to slow down to conserve energy and going in the slow mode, triggering a follow up action and results in constipation. Once you understand that the body is trying to slow down in this way to conserve energy, and as a result, chronic constipation is a symptom, then you realize that it is really a common physiological happening.

So there are so many, many things to know and learn about this subject. But understanding this fundamental basis first is very important because once that is understood, you would know that the solution rests with treating or dealing with the underlying root problem, which may rest with the adrenals and not necessarily at the gut itself.

What about chronic constipation and the use of enemas to stimulate the gutFor this reason, just trying to alleviate your bowel movement without addressing the root cause of the constipation, only gives you temporary relief, especially if you do enemas, flushes and use compounds that stimulate the gut to go.

Compounds that can bring about chronic constipation relief include digestive enzymes, probiotics and magnesium. They are relatively harmless. Overuse, however, can lead to dependency issues. When you give digestive aids to help the bowel move, the body’s GI tract tends to be “lazy” after a while as the need to work is removed. We see this frequently and not only with constipation. Sometimes you might have associated diarrhea and it fluctuates back and forth. Therefore,it is almost as if you have irritable type bowel symptoms, which has consistently been a common picture in adrenal fatigue.

Get more information, expert’s help and know yourself

In conclusion, after learning about chronic constipation, it’s clear there is more than one approach to it. While you can consult your doctor, which I most recommend to get some relief, you have to make more far-reaching efforts towards the actual solution of correcting the adrenal imbalance, or factors causing Adrenal Fatigue and constipation. This will usually involve a combination of solutions including food, and stress free daily living.

About chronic constipation

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  • Ted Mason says:

    I am worn out by the cycle of surprise episodes of fairly severe diarrhea . . followed by days of constipation. This seems different than simple constipation . . in that I have rather severe diarrhea . . then the constipation. My diet is not horrible . . lots of greens, lean protein, fairly aggressive bike rides daily . . and medium resistance training workouts 3 or 4 times a week. I have cut back on sugar but it has not seemed to change the pattern. This diarrhea/constipation cycle has occurred for years . . regardless of diet. I am 59 and understand aging plays a role . . but, I’m still tired of it. HELP!

    • Dr.Lam says:

      Talk to your doctor about Irritable Bowl and a work up is needed. If all is normal, then a more detailed history is needed to figure out what is the root issue.

      Dr Lam