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About fructose and weight gainIt is well known that the rate of obesity in the United States has become a problem, and many people are a little worried about the issue. There are a lot of factors contributing to obesity, but recently the focus has been about fructose. As time goes on, fructose has become more and more incorporated in the diet which the vast majority of individuals in the United States eat. It is becoming clear that this is due to high-fructose corn syrup which is saturating the prepared food industry. It has become a very major contributing factor to calorie intake especially among adolescents. Fructose is, by definition, a simple carb which originates in vegetables as well as fruit.

About Fructose And Health

There have been a number of studies investigating the effect fructose has on different areas of health. These studies have involved animals as well as humans. A study was conducted by people from the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois about fructose. This study went on for a couple of months and focused on two specific groups of mice. Some of the rodents were fed food containing approximately 18% glucose, and the others were given the same amount of fructose, which is about equal to what young people also eat in the United States. There was no difference in the amount of calories consumed. Those mice that were fed fructose were less active and had an increase in liver mass, body mass, and fat mass. One of the biggest differences between fructose and glucose is that fructose is mainly metabolized in the liver. Many are of the opinion that it may even result in hyperlipidemia due to arde novo lipogenesis. Some studies have been done about the cognitive effects involved with consuming fructose, but these results have been somewhat debated. While some distinctions in cognitive function seem to have been observed others argue about the data.

About fructose and the effect on your metabolismIt is not yet known if these results are due to fructose itself or if it is because of the overall increase in energy intake. It appears that fructose’s adverse metabolic effects could be the main reasons that individuals experience insulin resistance as well as weight gain. The consequences which fructose has on the metabolism are, currently, somewhat disagreed upon among scientists. Some research has revealed that it could be the intake of extra calories as opposed to fructose in and of itself. A lot of these studies and the data they contain are based primarily on short-term effects; it is, thus, more challenging to be sure of the long-term consequences of eating fructose.

Most of the studies which have been conducted about fructose center around animals. In the end the research has suggested metabolic disruptions which are connected to increases in de novo lipogenesis, insulin resistance, dysregulation of lipid profiles, and body weight gain. Unfortunately many of these studies have had fructose dosages which were unrealistic and did not put calorie intake into consideration. However, this was not the case with the study which was done by the Beckman Institute.

Dr. Lam?s Adrenal Fatigue Perspective on Weight Gain:

Proper diet is an exceedingly important component of adrenal fatigue recovery, while improper diet can stress the body, set back recovery and worsen adrenal fatigue. Carbs, and especially simple carbs like fructose, tend to cause this unwanted stress that we want to avoid. Balancing nutrition in meals around getting the proper proportions of macronutrients is essential if we want to heal the adrenals.

About fructose and simple carbs that tend to cause unwanted stress and weight gainFurthermore, weight gain and metabolic disruptions are also signs of adrenal dysfunction, so an imbalanced diet with too many simple carbs that also increases weight and metabolism problems affects the adrenal fatigue sufferer even more severely. Once these problems become apparent, many may be tempted to engage in weight loss activities, which can be dangerous during adrenal fatigue.

Remember that the key to healing the adrenals is to love and take care of your body. Overloading it with empty calories from simple carbs will only hurt the body in the long run, while consuming a balanced diet has many health benefits for the adrenals as well as the entire body.

Simple carbs such as fructose, cause unwanted stress on the body. When the body is loaded with stress it cannot handle, the NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) stress response with begin to display symptoms. These symptoms can come in many forms, affecting the body negatively and displacing it from a stance of equilibrium. The body can experience these negative attributes globally across all systems in the form of fatigue, lowered libido, deregulation of sleeping patterns, breathlessness, an imbalanced gut microbiome, cold/flu that are slow to heal and many more. It is vital to maintain levels of stress that the body can cope with, in order to not disrupt metabolic function.

Source: Scientific Reports, April, 2015

About fructose

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