Artemisinin (Wormwood) – From Malaria To Cancer

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Artemisinin is a powerful anti-inflammatory found in natureLike artemisinin, many marvels of modern medicine are discovered by accident.
Some of these include:

  1. The discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming.
  2. The use of saw palmetto to prevent benign prostate enlargement.
  3. Digoxin to enhance cardiac function.
  4. Gingko to reduce vascular viscosity and increase blood flow.

History documentation showed artemisinin was used to treat intestinal parasitic infections, hemorrhoids (its an anti-inflammatory) and malaria as early as 2000 years ago. It has only been recently that artemisinin’s properties have been discovered by modern medicine.

The Use for Malaria

This treatment for malaria was, however, lost over time. It was only rediscovered in an archeological dig in the 1970s where its medicinal use was found in a recipe inside a tomb. The formula was dated back to 168 B.C. where the Chinese chemist isolated the primary active ingredient from the leafy portion of plant called A. annua L.

In 1972, scientists in the West called this crystalline compound “qinghaosu” or “artemisinin”. Since then, studies in China and Vietnam have confirmed that artemisinin is a highly effective compound with close to 100 percent response rate for treating malaria. It has the ability to destroy the malaria parasite by releasing high doses of free radicals that attack the cell membrane of the parasite in the presence of high iron concentration. In fact, over one million malaria patients have been cured via this method. Their symptoms also subsided in a matter of days.

However, the treatment using this herb to treat malaria is not approved for use in the U.S.A due to the concern that it has a 21 percent recrudescent rate. Scientists believe that this is more likely due to patients not taking the compound for a long period. Many of them actually stop taking it as soon as their symptoms subside.

Artemisinin comes in a few derivatives, including the oil soluble artemether, which has been found to induce neurotoxic symptoms in animals in high dose (but not reported in humans). For those who are technically inclined, the activities of all artemisinin derivatives are dependent on their internal endoperoxide bridge. It is therefore a close relative of hydrogen peroxide therapy. While the exact mechanism is still under intense research, it has been shown that this herb works via highly reactive oxygen-based free radicals that becomes activated in the presence of iron. Iron is an oxidant, and our body tries to protect us from excessive iron moving it to a binded state such as hemoglobin and enzymes. The malaria parasite accumulates iron by infecting iron-rich red blood cell. Artemisinin can be used to treat MalariaExcessive iron that is spilled onto the surrounding tissues will activate the artemisinin to generate a burst of free radicals that attack the iron rich cells, killing the parasite in the process.

In other words, this compound works well in an iron rich environment (remember that malaria lives in the red blood cell rich in iron) through the release of free radicals that serve to damage the malaria organism. It is also interesting to note that drugs known to work by enhancing oxygen radical effects such as doxorubicin can enhance the effects of artemisinin.

For malaria, there is no resistance nor toxicity at the dosage of 3 grams, (about 50mg/kg) administered over a 3 to 5 day period. It is especially useful in the treatment of drug resistant malaria.

Outside of the United States, artemisinin is the number one natural herb used for malaria treatment.

The Use for Cancer

So far, the most extensive study on the use of Artemisinin as an anti-cancer agent was carried out by bioengineering scientists Drs Narenda Singh and Henry Lai of the University of Washington. This study was reported in the Journal Life Science (70 (2001): 49-56).

Iron is required for cell division, and it is well known that many cancer cell types selectively accumulate iron for this purpose. Most cancers have large number of iron attracting transferring receptors on their cell surface compared to normal cells. In laboratory studies of radiation, resistant breast cancer cells that has high propensity for accumulating iron revealed that artemisinin has 75 percent cancer cell killing properties in a 8 hours and almost 100 percent killing properties within 24 hours when these cancer cells are “pre-loaded” with iron after incubation with holotransferrin. On the other hand, the normal cells remained virtually unharmed. Another study showing the effectiveness of artesunate in treatment of cancer was also published in Oncology (April 2001: 18(4): 767-73).

The fact that iron content of cancer cells is high has also been used in another anti-cancer therapy called Zoetron therapy, where iron containing cancer cells are induced into motion using a magnetic device to induce resonance. Resonance generate heat. Cancer cells are more sensitive to heat compared to normal healthy cells. When cancer cells are heated to a certain temperature, they die while normal cells still survive.

Artemisinin is effective against a wide variety of cancers as shown in a series of successful experiments. The most effective is leukemia and colon cancer. Intermediate activities were also shown against melanoma, breast, ovarian, prostate, CNS and renal cancer. Although artemisinin is insoluble in water, it is able to cross the blood brain barrier (the water soluble artesunate is the weakness among the derivates) and may be particularly suitable for curing brain tumors, together with Poly-MVA (an metalo-vitamin)

Artemisinin when used with vitamin C, may be useful in treating cancerIn laboratory studies, iron needs to be added to enhance the effects of artemisinin. Within the human body, no such addition is necessary, as iron already exist in the body. It can also be taken orally and therefore high doses are not required. Some people believe that as nitrogen (tertiary amine) is absent in ART, cancer cells cannot get rid of it once it enters into the cancer cell. As a result, ART stays in the cell much longer.

In addition to the high affinity for iron in aggressive cancer cell types, most cancer cells also lack the enzyme catalayse and gutathione peroxidase. Catalayse breaks down hydrogen peroxide. A low catalayse content means a higher hydrogen peroxide load, which can release superoxide free radicals when properly stimulated to do so. This is in fact one common mechanism among chemotherapeutic agents as well as vitamin C. These traits make cancer cells more susceptible to oxidative damage as compare to normal cells in the presences of hydrogen peroxide. For this reason, administration of vitamin C in high dose is acceptable, although a gap of 2-3 hours is preferred.

According to Dr Rowen , a naturally oriented medical doctor and editor of the medical newsletter ” Second Opinion” , the Hoang family of physicians in Vietnam had used artemisinin in the treatment of cancer for years. They have reported that, over a 10-year period, more than 400 patients were treated with artemisinin in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-cancer program with 50 to 60 percent long-term remission rate. The safety record of artemisinin has well been studied for over 25 years. No significant toxicity in short-term use for malaria at high dose of up to 70 mg/kg per day has been reported.

Artemisinin is not a stand-alone chemotherapeutic agent. A combination of nutritional supplements (such as green tea, CoQ10 and pancreatic enzyme) as well as a good anti-cancer diet is required.

ART may be administered orally, with a 32 percent bioavailability as compared to injections. It is highly bound to membranes. Laboratory measurement of its serum level is therefore not exact.

Forms of Artemisinin

There are three common forms of artemisinin. The water soluble form is called artesunate . It is the most active and the least toxic. It also has the shortest life within the body Artemether is the lipid soluble form. It has the longest life but also the most toxic in high dosage which is seldom needed. The biggest advantage of artemether is that it can cross the blood brain barrier.  Artemisinin is the active parent compound of the plant.  It’s half-life is intermediate. It is also very safe, and can cross the  blood-brain barrier. Some clinicians prefer to use a combination of all three forms, while others tend to favor the use of artemisinin alone with great success.

Toxicity and Side Effects

Artemisinin suppositories may be safer than oral forms for cardiovascular healthHigh doses of artemisinin can produce neurotoxicity such as gait disturbances, loss of spinal and pain response, respiratory depression, and ultimately cardiopulmonary arrest in large animals.

In human beings, there are very few reports of adverse effects except for one case of first-degree heart block. According to Robert Rowen, MD, there is a dose related decrease in reticulocyte count for 4 days after artesunate or artemether at doses of 4 mg/kg per day for 3 days. However, the count returns to normal by day 14. When artemisinin suppositories are used, doses as high as 40 mg/kg per day have no effects on the reticulocyte count. In a study, it was reported that up to 35 percent of the volunteers had some form of transient drug induced fever.

When ART is tested with monkeys, they showed no toxicity when they received up to 292 mg/kg of artemether over 1 to 3 months. This is equal to a human dose of 20,000 mg for a 70 kg male (Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2(1):31-36 1982). In another study, there was also no sign of toxicity in over 4000 patients. This does not exclude possible cases of long-term cumulative toxicity which is unknown at this time.

Cautions When Taking Artemisinin

  1. No artemisinin should be taken within 30 days of radiation therapy because of possible free iron leaks to the surrounding tissues after radiation therapy.
  2. Preliminary laboratory studies include: CBC, reticulocyte count, liver function test, ferritin, TIBC, ESR, C reactive protein, and appropriate tumor markers. If the iron load is low, supplementing iron for a few days can be considered prior to starting artemisinin.
  3. Tumor markers may increase during the initial stages as the tumor starts breaking down.
  4. Vitamin E may work against the effectiveness of ART in vitro. However, this has not been shown to be a concern in human clinical cases.

Artemisinin Dosage

The therapeutic dose ranges from 200 mg a day up to 1,000 mg a day (in divided doses) depending on cancer types and the source of the herb. In laboratory studies, significant cell toxicity is shown to have been effected at dosage as little as 1-2 mg/kg body weight.

The exact dosage is highly controversial. In addition to the lack of clinical trials and individual variations, the dosage is highly dependent on the purity and potency of the herb itself. The same 100 mg capsules from one manufacturer may have different and varied effect from another manufacturer.

Artemisinin should always be taken with food. Cod liver oil, cottage cheese, or fish oil may be administered at the same time to enhance absorption. Generally, 400 to 800 mg per day can be used for at least 6 to 12 months. After that, it can be tapered off slowly.

Always take artemisinin 2-3 hours aside from other antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

Artemisinin has been used in TCM for over 2,000 yearsArtemisinin is a “cooling herb” in the traditional Chinese medicine perspective, and some may find it too “cooling” with symptoms such as tingling. If this occurs, then the dosage should be reduced.

Despite its seemingly high degree of effectiveness, it is important to note that artemisinin is not a stand-alone compound. Concurrent use of high dose pancreatic enzyme, daily enema, liver detoxification, and periodic laboratory measurement should also be considered as part of an overall aggressive anti-cancer program.

Product Concerns of Artemisinin

Due to the increasing popularity of this product, the consumer should exercise extreme caution and buy only from the most reputable supplier. Only genuine and pure artemisinin should be used, and only buy from sources you are familiar with. There is tremendous variation in the potency of the herb.  A 100 mg of artemisinin from one source may be many times more potent than the same 100 mg from another source. Only buy from source you can trust, and not be fooled by inexpensive “alternatives”.

Since the herb comes from China and South-east Asia, proper quality assurance on purity and standardization is of tremendous importance. High-grade artemisinin must always be confirmed by independent laboratory analysis on a batch by batch basis to ensure consistence and purity.

Lastly, always check with your health care professional prior to starting this herb.

© Copyright 2004 Michael Lam, M.D. All Rights Reserved.

Dr. Lam’s Key Question

Conventional medicine’s history of 200 years is young and does not have the monopoly on the total of medical knowledge. Seek the truth and let it bring you to take control of your health.

Artemisinin can be used to treat Malaria
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  • Jewel says:

    My son has malaria. He completed a course of malarone but is still very symptomatic with diarrhea, abdominal pain and severe headache. What is the best form of artemisinin for him to take? And in what dosage? I have read the whole plant wormwood is better than the isolated artemisinin. Thank you for the information you have made available. It is the most informative that I’ve found online. I am a physician also with some background in naturopathic medicine. I don’t know too much about malaria however. Thanks again.

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    Great article! Thorough information, explains a lot!

  • Juan Carlos says:

    Ive used a capsule form in the past. Worked effectively for me.

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    Hi, I just found out my 9 year old blue nose pit bull ( Bebe) has lymphatic cancer. I have had a long list of pit bull pal’s in my life to date, never any health problems. My older pit bull Angel passed at age 19. She was running around on the dock the day before she passed. My other’s passed because of crazy accidents. So I am just freaking out! I can’t loose her…. I read about the Artemisinin powder. I am starting her on that along with a homemade whole food diet. With added CBD oil. The oil has really calmed her down, she has a very sensitive type personality. So this equal’s less stress. But I am not so sure as to the best way to make the Artemisinin most effective. Also unsure of best dose. She weights 60 lbs. Should I be giving her extra iron or any thing else along with the Artemisinin? I would appreciate any ideas to help us out, it would be greatly appreciated.
    I’m feeding her 2 cups of my food in the morning, and giving her the Artemisinin with two tablespoons of Greek yogurt. Still unsure of amount of powder. But this is my plan, along with lymphatic massage every day. Don’t want to go Vet route, I don’t want her to suffore like some horror stories I have heard. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks, ?

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  • Kenichi says:

    I never knew wormwood was effective on Malaria. I remember using something laced with quinine instead. Very interesting. I wonder; Since Malaria attacks iron rich blood cells, do they leach off of the cells and possibly leave someone anemic or iron deficient?

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  • Dorine Lam RDN says:

    I actually mentioned anti-cancer diet in my book:

    Dorine Lam, RDN, MS, MPH
    Registered Dietitian and Senior Holistic Nutritionist

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    What is considered a “a good anti-cancer diet”. And is there specific “a good anti-cancer diets” for specific types of cancer?

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    please give me some advice

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  • Klang says:

    Is it wise to try natural cancer relief along with traditional medicine?

    • Dr.Lam says:

      Conventiolnal medicine’s history of 200 years is young and does not have the monopoly on the sum total of medical knowledge. Seek the truth and let it bring you to take control of your health.

      Dr Lam

  • Joanna says:

    Hello Dr. Lam,

    My mother has breast cancer and 1 affected lymph node (recently she had a PET scan which revealed no distant metastisis). She has been taking Super Artemesinin as per your recommendation since finding out about the cancer, and we noticed right away the color of her skin improved, and she also has stated that it makes her feel great. We are now considering traditional steps (i.e. Chemo, Surgery) and would like to know if Doxyrubicin is the Chemo you would recommend to combine with the Artemesinin for breast cancer? The Oncologist had not heard of Artemesinin and does not seem to think much of herbal remedies but told her it’s fine to take them. We are looking for some guidance on the herbal/natural side of things. If you would prefer us to call rather than email please let me know. Thanks so much.

  • Farag Gendy says:

    Thanks Dr Lam for a very informative article.
    One confusing point : should Artemisinin be taken on empty stomach before food or after food , at times mentioned to be taken before food then advised to take with milk and flax seed oil. I have what is described as ( extract of Artemisia 400 mg capsules ) I tested it in oil and water and it looks to be more water soluble. thank you for your help.

  • julie castle says:

    Dearest Dr. Lam,
    It has been a year since my Bladder Cancer tumor was removed ( low grade). I am still being monitored and given the highly recurrent nature of BC, I would like to add artesunate to my regiment which consists of Curcumin w/ pepperine, garlic, black currant seed oil, milk thistle, CoQ10 as well as plenty of broccoli and other dark leaf vegetables………..I will speak to my doctor, of course, but in the meantime, do you know of a good source for obtaining the pill/capsule form? …. I found a reputable source but the form is 100 or 500mg in a poly bottle ( thinking it is liquid), from Sigma-Aldrich, but I wouldn’t know how to administer it…….
    Thank you in advance for your help and you are our hero in the Bladder Cancer community.. Thank you

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    My dog was treated for mast cell tumor. It was removed but not clear margins because of its location. But it was a lone tumor on his paw and a low grade.
    He is now taking artemisinin. Daily for 6 weeks but I am giving him one capsule every few days.
    He is losing chunks of fur recently however. I don’t see that as a side effect in my limited research but wondering if you have seen this? Thanks much.

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  • Jo says:

    Where can I order de super artemisin capsules and what is the dosage

    • Dr.Lam says:

      You can order from

      The dosage varies from person to person greatly. The suggested dosage is on the label. You should NOT embark on this without approval from your treating doctor.

      Dr Lam

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Dr,
    I ve been diagnosed with non hodgikin lymphoma 2.5 year s ago i am taking retuximab every 2 month for 2 years until September 2017 as my blood platelets were very low 27. But so far things are going well and my blood tests are normal. I’ve no chemotherapy. I’m 39 years old and it’s is an indolent stage 3 b-cells NHL. Do you recommend artemisinin with iron supplement? If yes what dose? And do you have a reputable brand to buy it?

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  • Rashmi Ranjan Hati says:

    Hello Dr Lam, I am Rashmi Ranjan from India Odisha. I want ro discuss about my father aged 61 ,suffering from AML M7. He took 1st aggressive chemo cycle with AraC in Nov2012 and got complete remission. Then he had relapse in September 2015 and got chemo with Cladribine and Durabycine ,but during that time he was too serious and admitted in ICU. But by Gods grace he recovered in 7 days. Now Doctor s are not preferring for chemo anymore rather had asked for symptomatic treatment. Currently he is ok but has lowered TLC count and has caught inflamatory rheumatism on knees since 25days. He is getting treated with Naproxen,Mecobaline,C alcium Dobesilate. This has subsided the pain and he can walk now. Is there any suggestions from you to avoid further relapse or curative measure for the disease or anything to maintain the TLC counts. Report details:

    ESR : 80 and CRP : 93. Increased

    Glucose(F): 148
    Glucose (pp): 160

    also did CBC as well. Attached reports.
    WBC 2900 Cells/Cumm
    Ploymorphs 23 %
    Lymphocytes 75 %
    Eosinophils 1%
    Monocytes 1%
    Basophils 0%

    Hb 14.5 g/dL
    Platelates : 1.1 lakhs/Cumm

    Medicines adviced:
    Calcium Dobesilate 500 BD
    Methylcobalamine tablets OD
    Naproxen 500 BD

    Current health conditions:
    Knee pain has subsided and able to walk now.
    No other symptoms.

    • Dr.Lam says:

      You need to be very careful with natural compounds when it comes to AML because the body can turn on you quickly. Talk to your doctor.

      Dr Lam

      • Rashmi says:

        Sir, you don’t suggest any natural treatment?

        • Dr.Lam says:

          I suggest you talk to someone who you are comfortable and experienced locally to help you as each case need to be evaluate on its own merit given the complexity of the situation.

          Dr Lam

  • Honour Rae says:

    Dr. Lam you help so many and I appreciate what you do. I wish you could be my primary doctor but I am in the state of New York and you are so far away. My mother passed from breast cancer and it scares me every day to think of my children losing me to such so I am trying my best to prevent this disease from hurting my family any more.

  • Shaima says:

    Hello sir I wanted to talk to you about my mother who is suffering with breast cancer stage 4. She is 47 years old ,weighs 82kgs. She had taken one cycle of chemotherapy but in vain . Having read your article I ordered the artemisinin capsules please prescribe a dosage for her .please reply soon sir she is in real pain . Thank you I did really appreciate if you answer soon thank ou once again

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    This is an interesting case study. I’m working on a paper, for school, and this information is the best descriptive article I have read so far. Thanks

  • Mary Korb says:

    After a year using 500 mg Artemisinia, I had an CT scan that showed no change to my tumor. I called Allergy Research Group and was told that for cancer I needed to take four of the Super Artemisinin 200 mg. A specialist told me and that the 500 mg was merely the leaves, so I need the 200 mg that had the herb in it. When I mentioned I alternated 5 days on and 5 days off of it, I was told I should stay on it continuously. The specialist insisted that the research I had read was old and no longer necessary. So, for the first week I took one a day, then a week of two a day. By the time I took three a day, I slept for 22 hours, got up for half an hour and then slept fourteen more hours. I could not stay awake and I didn’t eat during this time. Now I am taking two a day. For six weeks or so, I’ve had no symptoms since then.

  • Hank W. says:

    Thank you for the unique and inquisitive article. I was doing a search for natural cancer remedies and found your website. I will probably return to this site for all my answers now.

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  • Diana says:

    Hello Dr. Lam I am very interested on buying the product for my mother’s treatment of pancreatic cancer. Would you please tell me a reliable place/website I can buy it from? Thank you so much.

    • Dr.Lam says:

      Self navigation is not recommended. you can call my office and I will give you more details.

      Dr Lam

  • Chillinster says:

    Dear Dr Lam,

    My friend who is a stage 4 lung cancer patient also tried snorting the artemisinin powder. After biopsy was done the cancer cells were not there anymore in the biopsy sample of the lungs, but he’s feeling pain in his brain now. He’s lost control half of his body. Should I ask him to snort some more artemisinin ? What other combination therapy should I recommend to him? If the cancer cells has reached the brain what’s sort of liquid artemisinin is suitable to neutralize it?

  • Robert Nicolella says:

    Hi Dr. Lam you say see below to buy from trusted sources
    can you recommend some sources I am new to this and trying to help a friend with leg cancer that has spread to lymph nodes thanks

    and only buy from sources you are familiar with

    • Dr.Lam says:

      It is not a single stand alone item and it is not the best idea to proceed without a complete plan of action as you can do more harm than good.

      Dr Lam.

  • Lila says:

    I find this whole article very fascinating. I have a friend whose young daughter is fighting the tough battle against cancer and I am so happy to share this article with her!

  • Steven Michael says:

    Dear Dr.Lam,

    Will you be so kind and give me information about the dosage.
    In your article there is info, I quote “Generally, 400 to 800 mg per day can be used for at least 6 to 12 months. “.
    Ok, but is it Artemisia Annua with 98% of artemisinin, Artemisia Annua extract 30:1 or some other option?

    Thank you very much!

    • Dr.Lam says:

      Dosage varies from person to person and have to titrated. It is also not a stand alone item.

      Dr Lam

  • Chillinster says:

    I gave some artemisinin to a friend who is diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. the artemisinin was obtained via supercritical extraction at the ratio 30:1, meaning the purity is around 21%. My friend seems to vomit after some hours after consuming it. Is this normal or should he stop taking it. The first time it was mixed in water at a quantity half of a teaspoon.. The second time he took at about 200mg and he vomited as well.’is this normal or part of the process?

  • Frank Wells says:


    We have a friend who has just been diagnosed with Uterine cancer, stage 4 She is in her mid 4o’s extremely health conscious. She is going to start Artemisinin.
    She may also undertake a Ketogenic diet. and other alternatives, She is not going to undergo standard medical therapies like Chemo and Radiation

    Can you please give us some guidance? Best source etc.

    Thank You

    • Dr.Lam says:

      you need to tell your friend to talk to someone who knows . generally rules dont apply as each person is different when you are in these situations. she can call my office if she wants more specific, but she has to do it.

      Dr Lam

  • Sharon M says:

    How can I find doctors who give this and is it compatible with Warfarin?

  • Callum says:

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  • Robert McFarlane says:

    Thank you Dr Lam

    May I ask if Artemisinin can be taken daily or will this lead to an impairment of its absorption and is a cessation for every few days in the course necessary?

    Thank you

    Bob McFarlane

  • Stephanie says:

    i understand my diet and nutritional supplements are part of the process, but how can i know which form of Artesminin is best for me?

  • Jeff Le Doux says:

    With artemisinin on board will there be an increase in PSA expected. If so why?
    Thanks Dr. Lam

  • Chloe says:

    Does the freshness of artemisinin affect its abilities? How could I tell if the product I’m taking is fresh? Thanks Dr. Lam, I love your site!