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Q: Why are so many affected by soy sensitivity?

A: There are some crops that are highly genetically modified, soy, corn, wheat, rice are some of these crops. And these food products can cause an inflammation response in the body. When there is adrenal fatigue, the body’s own immune system is down. And therefore not able to respond on a timely basis due to the inflammation caused by the GMO crops in the body, thereby starting a myriad of immune compromised responses – sensitivity and allergies are some.

Q: Can I still do well if I don’t abide by the protocol’s diet?

A: The diet is recommended to help the body lower the stress response to foods. We found abiding by the diet really helps the process of recovering faster. The diet can be subject to modifications from time to time. Interestingly, as your body gets stronger, the more you are able to get off the diet protocol and adopt a more flexible protocol. Your nutritional coach will guide you on specific steps to take.

Q: Is it okay to have Lipton® tea?

A: One cup a day of Lipton tea should be all right if you are able to tolerate caffeine type compounds. Remember that tea, other than herbal tea; in general have about 50% of the stimulant effect content as compared to coffee. You have to ask yourself, are you drinking the tea because you like the taste, or do you need it to have a lift in energy. We tend to recommend water with a bit of lemon as best for those with adrenal fatigue.

Q: Is EMF (electromagnetic field) something that you have to live with for the rest of your life or is it something that can be resolved?

A: There is EMF in today’s society, with emissions from cellular phones to computer screens. Most people do not get affected, but those with advance AFS tend to do poorly if such EMF is not well controlled. If your body is very sensitive, it would affect you. EMF can trigger excessive vibration, leading to fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, and adrenal crashes. Limit the use of electronic products and be at least 10 feet away from all electrical products including TVs, computers, alarm clocks and heaters are best. Those who are still affected may need special shields such as sleep canopies to reduce EMF penetration.