How to Balance Yourself for Healthy Living

Balance yourself, mentally and physically, for optimum healthA well balanced life is important for emotional stability, peace and overall well being. Learning to balance yourself is a lifelong skill. It’s the ability to manage stress, personal life, work life and relationships. When you take care of yourself, live a nurtured life and eliminate stress from your life you become happier and your overall health becomes stable. If you live your life haphazardly it creates stress and extremes that can be harmful to you leaving your life unbalanced.

Balance Yourself for Health

Living a balanced life is the secret to live a healthy life. Being joyous and free of stress is not easy to be accomplished. Avoiding harmful extremes and finding middle ground are the only two things that can help you to live a balanced life.

It is fairly easy to say than to act on it but all and sundry can benefit by avoiding harmful extremes. Most people have a tendency to push oneself to some sort of extremes. It might be an ambition that demands one’s entire existence and presence, it could be austerity measures that are hard to live by or it could be standards set voluntarily that one or the entire family would have to meet up to. Avoiding harmful extremes is not an option but mandatory to live a balanced life.

Human nature compels everyone to go for the extremes. After years of putting on weight, people wish to lose years’ of accumulated calories in four weeks. Savings of ten months are often spent over a week or to buy one item that would perhaps lose its utility sooner than later. Having towering expectations from family members, relatives, friends, neighbors and peers and several other extreme situations are common for man. These attributes and mental frameworks are never conducive to a balanced life. These are not pragmatic and even the ideal world would possibly fail to deliver on all counts, let aside the potential or possibility in the real world.

This is where avoiding harmful extremes and finding middle ground come in. One must ascertain as to what is acceptable and what is not. Thus one can succeed in finding middle ground. Severe austerity is not something one can live with. You cannot walk out of every passion you have, cannot work for two years without a holiday, cannot shut yourself up without hanging out or cherishing relations and at the same time, you cannot expect to buy a yacht right after you have accomplished buying a new car or you cannot expect that you will have a six month holiday in Bora Bora. Every ambition, responsibility, desire and realistic possibility has its limitations and no individual can set it right. There are things beyond one’s control in every element or aspect of life. Thus, finding a middle ground is the key to the gates of living a balanced life.

Being happy with very little and being unhappy with a lot and wanting more are both undesirable.

Balance Yourself to Avoid Stress

Balance yourself practice moderation to avoid stressLiving a life that is unbalanced is typically full of stress and chaos. It’s about running from one event to the next and often times being late. Or easily forgetting about important events. An unbalanced life will put your body out of whack. The Neuroendometabolic Stress Response shows how your body reacts to stress whether it is emotional or physical. Stress can affect organs and organ systems. If not properly managed it can lead to imbalances in your adrenal gland and to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Managing these stresses and balancing your life will help alleviate some of the symptoms of AFS. But living an unbalanced life can take a toll on your body. It will affect every aspect of your life from sleep patterns to energy levels and can even cause aches and pains within your body. It’s important to find that happy median in life. Whether that median is a job you love or a hobby or even living in a stress free home. You have to find your own peace of mind. However, a balanced life is not typically about acquiring more. When we have more materialistic things in life we tend to have more worries and stresses. Learning to be content with what you have is probably the greatest treasure you can give yourself and your health.If you suffer from AFS it’s even more important to learn to nurture yourself and find balance in everything you do. If you are able to balance yourself it will help increase the quality of your life.

Balance yourself, mentally and physically, for optimum health


  • Lenny says:

    I find yoga really helps me achieve balance, but finding the time or a flexible instructor is very stressful. Do you have any suggestions?