A Natural Liver Cleanse Can Enhance Your Quality of Life

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM

Natural Liver Cleanse

Improve your liver function by using a natural liver cleanseWhen addressing the issues of adrenal fatigue , the most important factor to consider, by those who suffer from adrenal fatigue syndrome in advanced stages, is not about whether or not the liver is to blame, but more about how congested the liver may actually be. Keep in mind, no physical signs of cell injury may be present, therefore the idea of liver congestion is illusive to doctors of standard schools of western medicine and is cast off as unimportant and in no need of further attention. A natural liver cleanse can make all the difference in decongesting your liver.

Those with prior liver injury, such as poor lifestyle and dietary choices, hepatitis, a history of excessive alcohol abuse, or those under a copious amount of stress, tend to suffer the most from this disregarded condition. Indeed, even amongst alternative healthcare practitioners, the typical focus with the patient tends to revolve around producing energy when the primary complaint is excessive fatigue. This usually results in the use of energy stimulating herbs such as yerba mate, camellia sinensis (tea), maca root, and other treatments that only mask the condition, albeit temporarily.

Without a healthy liver working at optimum capacity to break down these herbs, the amount of work on an already tired liver only increases. This furthers the exasperation of the congestion. It is easy to see that with prolonged use of herbs, hormones, or medications, in an AFS patient, the risk of liver congestion increases. Using a natural liver cleanse can reduce the risk of congestion.

How the Liver Becomes Congested

The liver is considered the largest gland inside the body and is responsible for, among other things, detoxification. When this natural process of toxin elimination is hindered, bile and fatty deposits are allowed to build up and form gallstones in the liver and gallbladder.

Gallstones keep bile from reaching the intestines, interfering with proper digestion and preventing the detoxification process, putting a great amount of stress on the liver. When the liver is unable to perform its detoxification as it should, an increase of toxins stockpile, causing adrenal fatigue.

The NEM Stress Response and the Liver

The NEM stress response is the process that the body utilizes to protect you from stress. The liver is the main command center of the NEM stress response, together with the adrenal glands. These two glands secrete more than 50 hormones to help the body deal with stress, whether internal or environmental. When the liver becomes congested, the NEM stress response becomes disrupted, inhibiting the output of hormones and causing the adrenal glands to become overloaded, thus inducing AFS. This is why a natural liver cleanse is mandatory to ensure that your NEM is functioning optimally.

Liver Decongestion & AFS

Give your body some releif with a natural liver cleanseThose afflicted with AFS for an extended period of time tend to be delicate and drained. Those who have experienced adrenal crashes in the past with a history of the use of stimulants are especially at risk of this fragility. This situation demands particular attention and creative solutions.

Imagine a sweater that is just a little too snug. Wearing this sweater repeatedly stretches over time and begins to lose its shape, eventually running the risk of unraveling or ripping once a limit is reached. This limit of the liver is not easily determined, as each individual case is different and clear indicators in lab results are not apparent.

Individuals who have experienced adrenal crashes begin to recognize this breaking point and can feel when they are approaching a crash. At this time, unfortunately, by the time you begin to feel the warning signs, your body has probably already suffered a great deal of internal damage. Most people, especially those inexperienced with adrenal crashes, remain unaware of this damage until it is too late and the onset of adrenal crash begins.

This may explain why many advanced AFS sufferers experience repeated setbacks and a constantly congested liver, failing in their attempts at recovery despite hard work and determination. Failure to be mindful and recognize your body’s early signs of detoxification blockage is a common problem during AFS treatment.

As the stages of adrenal fatigue syndrome develop, the risks of liver congestion will multiply, creating a snowball effect. In some cases, liver congestion can be so detrimental to the internal organs that even the mildest of detox attempts may trigger an adrenal crash and other adverse effects.

Mild forms of detoxification that may induce adrenal crash include saunas or sweat lodges, supplementing with wheatgrass, use of steroids, and natural liver cleanse, all of which are best avoided in more advanced cases of adrenal fatigue syndrome. While these are commonly considered effective methods of healing and detoxification, the body suffering from extreme stages of AFS or a compromised NEM stress response has difficulty tolerating them.

Caring for the Liver

Making a conscious effort to keep your liver in a healthy state is vital to the recovery from adrenal fatigue syndrome. As the liver is responsible for breaking down lipids, too much dietary fat can put a great deal of stress on an already tired liver. Obesity can also cause a buildup of fat in the liver and increase chances of gallbladder congestion, making regular exercise habits essential to detoxification.

The liver is also responsible for filtering the harmful components of drugs and alcohol, as the chemicals in these substances are toxic to the body and produce free radicals, which can damage the cells if the liver is unable to detoxify them properly. It is highly advised to avoid these when undergoing treatment for a congested liver.


Help your adrenals function optimally with a natural liver cleanseThe liver and the adrenal glands work closely together through cortisol, the primary anti-stress hormone. When the body allows cortisol to go unregulated, the liver and gallbladder can become dysfunctional. As noted, extreme liver disease is associated with adrenal glands inability to work efficiently.

Overworked and fatigued adrenal glands allow the liver and gallbladder to become congested over time. As the adrenal glands weaken, the risk increases. Liver congestion is a serious hurdle in the struggle to reclaim your health from AFS syndromes, yet this fact is seldom acknowledged.

Oftentimes, problems may arise from incomplete consideration of liver function and overuse of various herbs, drugs, and detoxification methods can hinder liver function and thus allow for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. These treatments should be postponed while gentler, more effective methods take precedence.

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