Adrenal Fatigue Questions on vitamin D, respiratory infections, and liver clearance are answered by Dr. Lam

Q: How does Vitamin D work in my body? What does it help when I take it?

A: Vitamin D is actually a very weak steroidal hormone that may influence genetic expression that is important for health in so many ways. It has been known to increase the immune system to help your body fight the flue or colds. You can get Vitamin D from exposing the skin (UVB) to the sun without getting burn, or taking a supplement. Most of us don’t take enough Vitamin D to begin with.

Q: I get frequent respiratory infections. I don’t like the idea of loading my body with antibiotics, especially with my adrenal fatigue syndrome. What are some natural ways to avoid getting sick or things to do to help my condition?

A: Make sure you have a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, get sufficient sleep, and eat a proper diet by avoiding sugar, fried foods and dairy. If you have done all the above and still not improved, then you need to look outside the box and see if your adrenal gland is fatigued, which contributes to a weakened immune system. Infections (chronic sinus infections, epstein-barr, mono, etc) or inflammation usually have strong adrenal components. Most infections and inflammation involve the release of pro-inflammatory substances. The body’s response is to produce cortisol, a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-infection hormone. The weaker the adrenals, the higher the frequency of infection because the more cortisol is produced by the body to control the inflammatory response, the harder the adrenals have to work to produce more cortisol. When the adrenals are eventually exhausted, cortisol output is compromised, allowing unopposed infection to inflame the body more. This vicious circle can lead to progressively deepening adrenal exhaustion and producing more severe infections.

Q: I recently started on liver clearance supplements, like glutathione (GSH) and milk thistle. Since starting, my skin has developed a lot of blemishes. Is this a normal occurrence?

A: Extra blemishes during the liver fortification are common and could be an indication that your toxins are moving out of your body. Also as the liver function improves, you will also notice that your skin tone will lighten. If you already have blemishes on the skin, they tend to be more visible as the contrast with the rest of the skin tone may be more pronounced now as compared to behind when the blemishes tend to blend into the darker skin tone.