FAQ: Adrenal Supplements and When to Take Them

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

The effects of nutritional and adrenal supplements are felt systemwide, and can include lower blood pressure Q: Are there adrenal supplements I can take to naturally bring down my blood pressure?

A: The amino acid Arginine does help to bring down blood pressure. But the doses for adrenal supplements vary between individuals, and it should be taken under professional guidance.

Q: If taking different adrenal supplements causes heart palpitations, is that almost always due to liver congestion?

A: It may also be due to sensitivities to certain ingredients in the adrenal supplements, such as the dye in the pill or inert binders and fillers. Most commonly, however, increased palpitations are usually due to the intrinsic properties of the supplement itself, such as hawthorn, CoQ10, adrenal herbs, and glandulars.

Q: Can Adrenal Fatigue be cured or is it only managed through supplements for the rest of your life?

A: AFS is a stress induced neuroendocrine issue. As long as one doesn’t change their lifestyle and stress level, than they do need to take adrenal supplements for the long run.

Q: How do you know when nutritional support for Adrenal Fatigue is not enough and to seek conventional medicine advice?

A: If your coach has tried all kinds of adrenal supplements and nothing has improved, then do a saliva cortisol test and go seek medical advice. You can always confer with your coach on the results.

Q: Are there any different ways to handle pneumonia if you have AFS?

A: You need to follow your doctor’s recommendation until you are well. And you should be able to continue to take most of the supplements recommended for AFS; make sure your doctor knows what you are taking.

Various adrenal supplements such as magnesium can help relax the body as a tool to counter stress Q: Is it safe to take magnesium to help with constipation when you are pregnant?

A: Magnesium is a wonderful muscle relaxant. It helps with constipation. In a small number of people, paradoxical responses can arise, where the GI tract goes into a constipation mode instead. This is seen more commonly in those who use transdermal forms of magnesium. There are many forms of magnesium and different forms have different properties so do make sure you understand the property of each form before taking them.

Q: I am about 5 weeks pregnant. I know using progesterone is very important to help keep a pregnancy, but when I use it, I get a yeast infection. Does this mean I have enough progesterone in my body?

A: The body naturally produces more progesterone during the pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks, but that may not be enough. If you are using progesterone to prevent a miscarriage, then 12 weeks is usually necessary. Just because you get yeast infections does not mean you have enough progesterone. Yeast is an opportunistic organism that likes to feed off progesterone. You should talk to your doctor if you have it while on progesterone.

Essential oils used alongside adrenal supplements can be a powerful combination to assist in adrenal fatigue recovery when used properly Q: Are essential oils helpful when you have adrenal fatigue?

A: It depends on each person and the severity of their adrenal fatigue syndrome. Essential oils can be beneficial to the overall AFS recovery program, especially for those with extracellular matrix congestion that needs to be cleansed and in advanced stages of AFS. Not everyone benefits, but many do.

Q: Seeing as how the body naturally produces Glutathione, what is the purpose of also supplementing with it?

A: Our body continues to be overly stressed by the environment, life circumstances, genetic mutations, and disease bombardment. All of these unforeseen stressors deplete the body of its own glutathione. 80% of people with chronic disease have low glutathione in their body. That’s why supplementation with Liponano Glutathione helps replenish the much needed stores of Glutathione.

Q: Are you familiar with the Straight Edge lifestyle? Have you interacted with any adrenal fatigue sufferers who aspire to this?

A: No, I have not, Straight Edge lifestyle seems to be very disciplined, stress free for the body and clean. If they have adrenal fatigue syndrome, it may come from other stressful factors than the straight Edge lifestyle.

Q: Do supplements for adrenal fatigue only affect they adrenal glands?

A: While many supplements for adrenal fatigue attempt to target symptoms brought on by adrenal fatigue, the goal is to bring health back to the entire body. Functional medicine looks at adrenal fatigue and its issues from a holistic approach, which brings up the neuroendocrine metabolic stress response model. This response illustrates that the body is a whole, made up of many systems. The systems are the neuro-affective, cardionomic, hormonal, metabolic, detoxification, and inflammatory responses. Supplements for adrenal fatigue will ultimately also work to help bring balance back to the six systems of the NEM response. Recovery from adrenal fatigue is possible once balance is brought back to all aspects of the body.

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