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I’m wondering if genetically a girl takes after her mother or father in the aging process.

We are more like our mother than our father, because we have two sets of genes that we inherit. The one in the nucleus comes from the mother and father equally, but the set in the mitochondria comes from the mother only.

Do you take fish oil only or do you take flax seed oil/meal too? I am currently taking flaxseed meal (2tbsp) and flaxseed oil (1tbsp) daily for cancer-fighting lignans and Omega 3’s. I eat salmon about twice a week. Should I take fish oil caps too or is my current intake sufficient? Also, I’ve been reading about Dr. Matthias Rath and his carnitine, lysine, taurine, Vit C supplement. Are there any good food sources for carnitine, lysine and taurine that would provide levels equal to his recommendations? I already get tons of C in my fruits, vegetables, and supplements.

Flax seed is an alternative source of fish oil for those who cannot tolerate fish oil in high dose, as many do get a fishy burp, so to say. Flax seed’s content of omega 3 is much lower, and it has to be converted to EPA and DHA, with a conversion fact much lower than fish oil. If you are taking 4 oz of Atlantic salmon, you will be getting about 2.5 grams of omeg3 each 4 oz. Therefore, you are getting about 5 grams a week which is good dose unless you have specific health concerns that warrant more, such as Alzeimher’s Disease or cancer.

What is my daily calorie intake? I am a 32 year old white female. My height is 5 feet 7 inches and I weigh 128 lbs. I am in fairly good health.

Here is what you need:
10 Calories per pound of desirable body weight if the person is
sedentary or if they are very obese.
13 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for low activity level,
or after the age of 55 years.
15 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for moderate activity.
18 Calories per pound of desirable body weight for strenuous activity.

I am 26 year old male. I follow a strict physical fitness routine that blends weight lifting with cardio vascular excercise (approximately 6 days a week; maintaining a heart rate of 145-165 for 1 hour). My father recently had a liver transplant, some what in part due to iron retention in the blood, and some what in part due to alchol intake.
In an attempt to head off any genetic predisposition, I decide to have a blood test done and liver enzymes checked. I received disturbing results.
My AST (SGOT) was 76
My Red Blood Cell Count was 5.77 (Just above range)
My overall cholestrol was 135, however my HDL was only 23
I have found over the last few years that I develop peptic ulcers in my mouth if I do not perodicly take an L-Lysine supplement.
My alchol consumption is light to moderate (approximately .75 Beers/Day over the last 30 days)
My diet is healthy. I have recently stepped up foods with Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids in an effort to naturally raise my HDL. The idea of meds to do this does not appeal to me.
I plan to be retested in 60 days, after abstaining from all alchol and the nutritional increases I mentioned above, hoping to correct the numbers.
Any other ideas?

You are on the right track, in addition, increasing vitmain C (2-5 grams) intake can be considered. Both of them work well. Your total cholesterol is too low. Anything below 150 is too low, as cholesterol is needed for a wide variety of importnat endocrinological and neurological function. Your total cholestero to HDL cholesterol ratio is too high. The fish oils will help with the Hdl, but you may want to check out your homocysteine and lp(a) levels as these are important risk factors for cardiovascular health. You can search my site for more info on these.

Can you tell me what the daily fat allowance for a man is please? I am trying to reduce my body fat down to 10% for the purpose of developing my abdominals and this is the level I have been informed of that I must get my body fat down to. My understanding of this is that if a man is allowed 95 grams of fat in his diet per day then I am only allowed 10% of this allowance? Is that correct?

The general recommended fats in a diet are around 25-30%. You need this for optimal health. There are some diets that recommend only 10% fat. I don’t think this is feasible.

For a man eating around 2000 calories, 25-30% fat = 55-67 gm of fat.
1 oz of meat/chicken/fish/cheese = 5 gm fat
1 tsp butter/marg/oil = 5 gm fat

Exercising at 60-70% your targeted heart rate will also help you to burn more fat. Low-intensity activities such as walking strongly stimulate breaking down of fats. In contrast, the rate of fat oxidation is highest during moderate activity such as easy jogging.

Today is the first time I found your web site. I have been trying to get to my age-slowing weight by using the work of Dr Roy Walford and his CRON diet. His way to cause our bodies to begin slowing the aging process calls for a lower weight than yours. I’m sure you know that he says if you were not overweight between 20 and 30 years of age, take that weight and reduce it by 10% to 15%.
Using his system, my age-slowing weight would be 144# (160# – 10%)
Using your system, my age-slowing weight would be 160# (106# + (12 x 6#) – 10%)
Why do you allow 11% more weight than Roy Walford?
(At your 160# ideal weight for me, I have about 6-8# of fat around my waist and kidneys)

AgingDr Walford’s calculations are right on and as a serious student of calorie restriction, you should follow his recommendation. I give more tolerance than him and set an easier goal to reach because as a clinician, it is easier for me to motivate my patients. 80% of the people have difficult time to achieve just the ideal body weight, and only 1 % or less can be 5-10% below. To achieve true anti-aging weight outlined by Dr Walford requires a psychological makeup and determination that only happens in 1 out of 1000 people. The sad reality is that most people give up which is worse. I have spend many hours explaining to my patients on what is the ultimate target and what is a realistic goal, and if you can be 5-10% below ideal body weight, you are doing very well already

Because you believe, as I do, in supplementation I want to ask about one specific one. That is MSM (Methylsulfonyl-methane) . The one I take is 99% sulpur. I have recently read the book REVERSE AGING by Sang Whang and learned that sulphur is acid. I take it because of joint and back discomfort. I have been trying to reduce the amount I take but find that there is too much discomfort and less mobility. I have pretty well decided to continue to take it but I would like to hear your views because of the concern of Acid/Alkaline conditions of the body. I have recently increased the Alkalinity of the water I drink by using a Water filter/ionizer with an extra Fluoride filter as well. In that way I am hoping to reduce any increase in acidity that may be in my body. What are your comments?

The matter of acid/base balance needs to be looked at globally. If MSM is helping you, go ahead and take it. You can alkalize your body in variety of other ways, including the water you are taking. The most common cause of lack of alkalization is high grain intake, high protein intake, and high stress. On the supplement side, fiber and enzymes are key components to alkalize your body. Of course, the all time best way to alkalize your body is to take a lot of above the ground green leafy vegetables as well as sea vegetables. I think if you focus on the above, you should be ok, and taking MSM should not bother you.

Are there any major side effects with the use of secretagogues- (oral form) or HGH. With such uses, we are interfering with the law of nature- aging. Say one who has been constantly using secretagogues or HGH to combat aging and reverse aging by 10- 20 years suddenly find herself aged by 20-30 years when she decides she does not want to use them anymore.

I am thinking of buying some oral secretagogues but am worried about the side effects- when I am taking them I look 10-20 years younger, but the moment I stop using them I will age more than what mother nature has in store for me.

There are many kinds of secretagogues. The good ones will increase the growth hormone level slightly without causing undue stimulation. There is generally no rebound effect as you may be concern with, and the resulting rejunivation process can only be maximized if combined with optimum nutritional supplementation, exercise, stress reduction, and proper diet. I dont think you have anything to worry about, but do select your secretagogue carefully as there are some on the market paddled by businessman are nothing more than some amino acid inside and may not do much. Unfortunately most of the ones I see sold at heath food stores are very expensive and have questionable efficacy. Before you start any secretagogue, you must be nutritionally balanced with optimum intake of vitamin and minerals as a base. This is what you need to have on board first.

Without that, any secretagogue will not help.

Why is Vitamin B12 an important supplement for anti-aging?

B-12 helps maintain red blood cells and nerve cells as well as protect against a variety of conditions. It is also needed to make DNA. It reduces homocysteine, an amino acid that is now known to promote atherosclerosis. Deficiency of vitamin B produces symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease. It is naturally found in animal foods such as meat, poultry, and dairy products, most of which should be taken in moderation in an anti-aging diet. In addition, people over the age of 50 may have decreased stomach acid which makes it difficult to separate the B-12 which is bound to proteins listed above. Vegans are especially vulnerable to deficiency and should take supplementation. Vitamin B-12 is non-toxic so daily intake orally or by injection is not a problem. Vitamin B12 also boosts energy supply. A good anti-aging dose is 500 – 1000 mcg of vitamin B12 a day. Vitamin B12 is water soluable.