A Look at Individual Results from Anti Aging Studies

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Dorine Lam, RDN, MS, MPH

Anti aging studies make new discoveriesWe all age over time, so anti aging studies are essential to everyones knowledge bank, as many complication occur with aging.  This is a typical case study of a well-executed and comprehensive anti aging studies program.  Out of the many anti aging studies, this article would like to bring your attention to one in particular.

John is a 61-year-old successful businessman. He is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weight 135 pounds.

Similar to particpants in many anti aging studies, John’s main complaints are: Mild joint pain, back pain, lack of energy, lack of libido, hair loss, worsening visual acuity, loss of short-term memory, thinning skin, and age spots.

His has no prior surgeries or allergies, and is currently not on medicine. He has been thoroughly evaluated by other physicians for his complaint, including extensive testing. He was told that his complaints are “normal for his age”, and there is nothing more that can be done to rid his concerns. He has a family history of diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.

On this initial visit, an extensive history form was completed with a complete review of systems. In addition to be reviewed by the physician, the data is fed into a computer for analysis and calculation of physical age versus chronological age. His chronological age is 61, and physical age shows 63. He is actually older than he is. His physical examination is essentially normal for age.

In addition to traditional laboratory studies such as chemistry panel, complete blood count, complete urine analysis, the following anti-aging baseline studies are done:

  1. Hormonal Panel including free testosterone, total testosterone, DHEA, and SHBG
  2. Cancer marker studies including PSA
  3. Cardiac panel including Homocysteine, Ferritin, C Reactive Protein, Lipoprotein (a)
  4. Red pack cell studies of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, chromium, selenium, boron, vanadium, and molybdenum
  5. Red pack cell toxic element study including Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury
  6. 24-hour urine toxic screen (pre and post provocation test with DMPS)
  7. Bone density test
  8. Ultra-fast CT scan (EBCT) of the heart and coronary blood vessel
  9. Thyroid panel including TIBC, TSH, Free T3, Free T4
  10. Lipid Panel including total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride

Anti-Aging Bio-Maker Studies

  1. Arterial Stiffness Index
  2. Postural Blood pressure readings
  3. Postural Resting pulse
  4. Body Analyzer Study for fat, lean mass, water, weight
  5. Forced Vital Capacity
  6. Flexibility Test
  7. Static balance test

Result of Initial Studies

  1. EBCT test show calcification in the left anterior descending coronary artery consistent with moderate plaque burden (Calcium lesion of index of 4 and Ca score of 197)
  2. Toxic element study showing mercury toxicity at 0.058 (normal under 0.01) and borderline Lead toxicity at 0.087 (normal 0.09)
  3. Elevated arterial stiffness index with score of 108 (normal under 70)
  4. Elevate body fat of 25%. Goal is 20%
  5. Low body water of 56.8% (normal 60-65%)
  6. Elevated body weight at 8% above normal for age
  7. Elevated fasting glucose of 133 (normal under 120 mg/dl)
  8. Low IGF-1 of 150 (normal above 300)
  9. Slightly below average of free testosterone


Anti aging studies and post andropause

  1. Aging – Advanced Clinical Phase Post-andropause
  2. Systolic Hypertension BP 151/80 with moderate Arterial Stiffness
  3. Adult growth hormone deficiency syndrome
  4. Moderate coronary occlusive disease evidenced by ultrafast CT scan
  5. Sub-clinical Dehydration
  6. Toxic Metal Overload Mercury and lead

Treatment Goals

  1. Reverse coronary artery occlusive disease naturally by reducing plaque formation in the coronary artery by 40%
  2. Reverse systolic hypertension naturally to under 120 mg
  3. Increase arterial flexibility (reduce stiffness) to reduce diastolic pressure naturally by 40%
  4. Increase libido naturally to be consistent with age to be able to perform sexual function at least 3 times a week
  5. Enhancement of endogenous hormonal system
  6. Detoxification of toxic metal from the body to desirable level


This is a 61-year old patient (on no medication) and considered normal by traditional medical standards and blood test. He has generalized complaints consistent with advance stages of aging in its clinical phase, toxic mercury and lead toxicity evidenced by pack red blood cell studies not detected by traditional laboratory test. He has has a compromised cardiovascular system evidenced by coronary calcium, high blood pressure, and moderate arterial stiffness. In addition, many of his complaints can be related to adult growth hormone deficiency syndrome. He is well into the clinical phase of aging, and proactive steps are need to reverse the gradual decline in hormonal and physical function. Steps are also needed to prevent further oxidative stress and free radical attacks on the cellular structure to deter the aging process and prevent cancer at his high risk age.

Plan of Action

Patient was started on the following regiment

  1. Optimum nutritional supplementation optimized for his age, sex, and physical condition:
    • AntiAging high potency optimum nutritional supplementation program AM and PM pack specific for males over 45 years
    • Brain formula – one a day
    • Eye formula – one a day
    • Heart formula – two a day
    • Joint formula – two a day
    • DHEA 25 mg- two a day
    • Meletonin 1 mg – one a day
    • Pregnenolone – one a day
    • MSM – one a day
    • Ca/Magnesium – two a day
    • Probiotics – one a day
    • Ascorbic acid 1000 mg – one a day

    Over 70 nutrients are packed in a nutritional cocktail designed to accomplish the following:

    1. Rebalance the microcirculation system
    2. Boost the immune system
    3. Reestablish intestinal flora
    4. Regulate internal ecology (pH and cell respiration)
    5. Repair damaged organ
    6. Reduce oxidative stress to key organs
    7. Replace deficient nutrients
    8. Return blood sugar to normal level
  2. Oral chelation program for metal toxicity:EDTA-Mg 300mg – 3 tablet 2 times a day
  3. Hormonal enhancement: MD Gee-h Oral peptide secretagogue – 2 in the evening
  4. Colon detoxification through herbal tea
  5. Triglyceride and blood pressure control with Soluble fiber: 15 gram 2-3x a day
  6. Increase water intake to 10 glasses a day
  7. Anti-aging exercise program
  8. Diet program following anti aging guidelines
  9. Anti-aging stress reduction program

Follow Up Interval and Frequency

Anti aging studies with your doctorThe patient was seen every 3 months. During these visits, modifications to his regimen of nutritional supplements are made.

Progress Report

  1. After 3 months, repeat ultra-fast CT scan of coronary vessels show: a 24% reduction in calcium plaque in the left anterior descending coronary artery.
  2. After 3 months on the program, red pack cell mineral analysis showed:
    • 3% increase in magnesium level
    • Blunted increase in chromium despite increased supplemental chromium intake. Suggests possible insulin resistance. Chromium level is still sub-optimal. Further adjustments are made to normalize blood sugar.
    • 10% increase in selenium level
    • 60% reduction of mercury
    • 60% reduction of lead
  3. Arterial stiffness index reduced by 25% in 3 months from 108 to 83. This was further reduced to 50% in one year from 108 to 56
  4. Systolic blood pressure reduced by 6% over 3 months from 151 to 142, and 13% over one year from 151 to 132.
  5. Diastolic pressure reduced by 12% from already healthy level of 80 to 70 within 3 months and stabilized at around that level
  6. Pulse reduced by 15% from 71 to 62 after 3 months and stabilized at that level.
  7. His triglyceride level went up from 62 to 124 over the course of a year. While this is still within normal limits, it reflects the patient’s high intake of sugar in the diet and not following the anti-aging diet as closely as he should.
  8. IGF-1 (indicative of growth hormone) increased by 18% from 150 to 178 on oral peptide secretagogue only. Patient tried growth hormone injection but developed headache and was abandoned after 2 weeks.
  9. Body fat reduced by 21% in 12 months from 25% to 19.1%, reaching the goal of no more than 20%
  10. Lean body mass increased by 10% over 12 months from 75% to 80.9%, reaching the goal of 80%
  11. Water composition increased by 10% from 56.8% to 61%, reaching the goal of 60%
  12. Weight maintain at 8% above ideal body weight for age, but due to the body composition change, the body is in healthy state compare to moderately overweight before.

After One Year in the Anti Aging Studies

  1. Target organ has shown consistent improvement
  2. Glandular system rejuvenated at the rate of 10 years in 12 months
  3. Cardiovascular system rejuvenate at the rate of 10 years in 12 months
  4. Physical, fat and muscle index improved
  5. Physical age is now 53, and chronological age is 61

Conclusion on Anti Aging Studies

Implementing these anti aging studiesJohn is a typical patient who has embarked and followed an anti-aging program successfully. His personalized anti-aging program addresses the 5 pillars of anti-aging medicine: anti-aging exercise, anti-aging diet, natural hormonal enhancement, optimum nutritional supplementation. Being a businessman on the go, his stress level didn’t reduce. After one year on the program, he is physically 10 years younger. His blood pressure is better when compared to most people 30 years younger. John’s body composition has changed to reflect less fat and more protein. His blood sugar has stabilized, though not fully optimized. Physically, John has more energy. Mentally, he is more sharp. His libido has improved. He is able to work 16 hours a day without any resting. His concentration and memory ability is better than before. While this is one of many anti aging studies, its positive outcome, concerning the program, is an inspiration. In John’s own words: “I feel 10 years younger.” He feels that way because he IS physically and functionally 10 years younger!  

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