What kind of tests should I take to confirm I have AF?

Q: What kind of tests should I take to confirm I have AF?

A: There are saliva tests that can be done at home. There are a few available at www.supplementclinic.com if you have problems finding one. The best one is called AS43, as it includes 11 tests. It is very comprehensive, accurate and, relatively speaking, not expensive. Generally, we do not require lab tests and there are no lab tests that can determine if you have adrenal fatigue or not because the key is a complete history. Testing by saliva is the best, but it does not rule out or rule in adrenal fatigue due to testing and body sensitivities. You need to be very careful and not try to extrapolate lab tests to real life situation without a detail history. Bear in mind that clinical correlation is the key, as none of the test are itself definitive by a long shot when it is sub-clinical. Don’t get carried away with too many tests and end up treating numbers instead of the body. That is the key from my experience. It is easy to rely on tests.