Are there any exercises that are good for menopause?

Q: Are there any exercises that are good for menopause?

A: Exercise in general is important for menopause for several reasons, for those who are healthy. Exercise may help reduce the frequency and severity of hot flashes. Many are able to pass through menopause without hormone replacement therapy just on exercise alone. Both cardiovascular and strength training exercise also increase growth hormone levels in your body, especially those involving large muscle groups such as the chest muscles. Pushups and pull ups are the best. Those who are at risk for osteoporosis should pay careful attention to do weight bearing exercise, which is the best way to prevent bone loss. Those that already have severe bone loss may want to talk to their doctor about PEMF (pulse electromagnetic force) to help bone growth. Those with adrenal fatigue need to be more careful because excessive exercise can trigger adrenal crashes. Adrenal Breathing and Adrenal Yoga are gentle, yet rebuild the body from the core. Aerobics are less important relative to core strength and balance as a person ages, especially in a setting of adrenal fatigue