Promote burning fat as a fuel source as opposed to glucose.

Q: As I am sure you are aware , there are a lot of very popular diets around at the moment that promote burning fat as a fuel source as opposed to glucose. I understand that one of the aims of your web page’s advice is the control of blood sugar. Especially if glucose tolerance or sugar addictions are an issue. I would very much appreciate your opinion, concerning this type of diet as an “alternative cure” for blood sugar problems and whether or not you recommend it.

A: Burning fat as a fuel source is always better than burning glucose. Most of us through the years have trained our body to burn glucose, and thus the body breakdown with results such as diabetes and lipid abnormalities, just to name a few. Sugar addiction takes 2-3 years to overcome for most, and I encourage sugar balancing to help in this respect. Aside from controlling sugar balance, changing the body’s fuel source from sugar to fat should be the ultimate aim (good fat, mind you) provided that the body of the person is metabolically typed to accept fat as the source. Many people do well on complex carbohydrates as a primary source of fuel and will do poorly on fat as well, especially those of Type B blood and with relaxed personalities (type B personality). This is in contrast to Type O blood type and Type A personalities who do well on high good fat (monounsaturated fat such as olive oil for non-high heat use, and coconut oil (saturated fat) for high heat use.