My child seems to have an awful lot of infections

Question: My child seems to have an awful lot of infections, including ear, throat and nose. Is it true that this is a red flag that my child may be at risk of adrenal fatigue?

Answer: Infections (chronic sinus infections, epstein-barr, mono, etc) or inflammation usually have strong adrenal components. Most infections or inflammation involve the release of pro-inflammatory substances. The body’s response is to produce cortisol, a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-infection hormone. The weaker the adrenals, the higher the frequency of infection because the more cortisol is produced by the body to control the inflammatory response, the harder the adrenals have to work to produce more cortisol. When the adrenals are eventually exhausted, cortisol output is compromised, allowing unopposed infection to inflame the body more. This vicious circle can lead to progressively deepening adrenal exhaustion and producing more severe infections.