How to Be a Resilient Person

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Being a resilient personBeing a resilient person means having the ability to bounce back from whatever troubles life throws in our direction. We keep pushing through all the obstacles and curve-balls that life gives us in order to have successful, happy and healthy lives. If you give in to negativity and allow life’s problems to add up the stress will take a toll on you. The key to all of this is a positive outlook on life. Positivity has a profoundly good affect on our over health and well being. It’s also important to just preserve.

“Human beings have enormous resilience.”

Muhammad Yunus

Living as a Resilient Person

Everyone experiences adversity in their life. Problems usually overwhelm us out of nowhere and one misfortune is followed by another like an avalanche. We all have different responses to such situations. It all depends on our psychological stamina how we will manage to overcome the problems that pile up quickly.

The first rule which should always be followed is not to let panic get a hold of you. Panic is what makes problems seem bigger than they are and blow them out of proportion. Do not think that something bad happens to you because you are a bad person or because you deserve it. You should know that everyone experiences adversity – rich or poor, plump or slim, smart or mediocre. It is not that you are a magnet for problems; it is just the circle of life. This is how we learn to appreciate the good moments and build up the mental fortitude to cope with misfortune. The worst thing to do in such situations is to shut yourself from the world and give in to self pity. This downward spiral of self destruction will not lead to a good end. Just use all your creativity to find a way out of the situation. There is always a solution; sometimes it is just hard to see it. It is normal that you are not able to step out of the circle of problems in order to overlook everything as an observer. That is why you should ask your friends for advice and help. But do not expect that someone else will solve your problems. It is your job to eliminate them with strong will and perseverance. This is how you learn to be a better person and to understand what really matters in your life. If you are able to accept the fact that everyone experiences adversity and it is not that fate has a grudge on you, you will manage to do some damage control and understand what lead to this whole situation. Sometimes we say and do things that we think does not matter, but usually they appear to be the turning point for everything to go in the wrong direction. Always be positive, even when times get tough, thus it will be easier for you to accept what life has to offer you.

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome and Being a Resilient Person

Mild depression is a common syndrome for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome sufferers. When you are tired constantly, have bad aches and pains, you lack energy, have imbalances within your body and you are not sleeping well, depression is likely to take over and maybe even consume you. However, our bodies are remarkably resilient. If you learn how to take care of your Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome properly and maintain a positive attitude, it can do wonders for your emotions and your symptoms. The best thing you can do is stay positive. Life usually has a way of working itself out. And your body does a really great job of healing itself.

How the NeuroEndoMetabolic Stress ResponseSM Factors in to Being a Resilient Person

A resilient person heals quickerBoth physical and mental stresses will affect how your body operates overall and affects your ability to be a resilient person. The NeuroEndoMetabolic Stress Response model shows how both physical and mental stresses will take a big toll on your body and how different body systems and organs correlate to various stressors. A person who has a positive attitude oftentimes will heal quicker than someone who has a negative attitude. The idea behind that is stress does impact your overall health. In order to keep this stresses from building up you need to stay positive, do things you enjoy and put your focus into that will lift you up.

Adversity will always be part of our lives, there is no way to avoid having physical or emotional problems. However, it is how you react and deal with that will increase your well-being and way of life. So if you learned nothing else from this, I hope you walk away understanding that striving to be positive will help you to create the life you want. Never give up. Stay happy. And preserve.

Being a resilient person

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