Being Happy is Contagious. Spread the Joy!

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

Being happy is being kindLife is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. With its ups and downs, peaks and dips, there are new surprises that await us just around every corner. Being happy is enjoying what the ride has to offer. Throughout our lives, we pursue the firefly of happiness. We try to catch it and the moment we open our fist to have a closer look at it, it flies away, leaving us sad, depressed and dejected.

Unwittingly, what we fail to acknowledge is that happiness is something that cannot be contained. It is a feeling that fills your heart with exuberance. There’s no point in trying to discover happiness in things because it is something solely associated with the way we make others feel.

Being happy is easy. Believe it or not, to experience true happiness in life, it is important to be kind. Our level of happiness is directly tied to the compassion, kindness, and gratitude we show towards those in our surroundings. Kindness is a little spark that grows into a raging fire of happiness.

Want to crack the code to happiness that goes well beyond your expectations? Some tips to get the wheels going in the right direction are listed below.

A Little Act of Kindness Goes a Long Way

We live our lives and then someday, someone shows us kindness and leaves us satisfied for days on end. This is the way things work. This demonstration of kindness doesn’t have to be something big or generous. Sometimes, things as simple as a hug when someone needs it or letting another driver overtake you, fills you with a kind of satisfaction you never knew existed. This happens because of changes in the brain. When we are kind to others,serotonin releases into our brain. This chemical helps inspire the feel good factor. Flex muscles of kindness and watch those around you benefit from your warm and jubilant vibes.

Being Happy is Infectious

We feel just the way we make others feel. Don’t you feel happy after helping those in need? On the flip side, we feel terrible after a fight with a loved one. This is because our feelings mirror the feelings of others. When we go out of our way to make others happy, subconsciously we are overcoming those barriers that stand between us and our eternal happiness. Help others, make them happy, and unlock a plethora of opportunities to make yourself happy. Ultimately, being happy is making others happy!

Kindness- The More the Merrier

Kindness has a more profound effect on our happiness because of one or the other reason. When we indulge in novel acts and show kindness to others, those who are experiencing it, as well as those who are watching it, will be influenced. In other words, every time we perform an act of kindness, we actually expand our area of influence. It’s more of a chain reaction, where you take the first step and others join hands with you to eventually reach the destination of happiness.

Bottom-line, become a radiant person. Show kindness as you always get what you give. Perform novel acts and make this world a happier and better place to live.

Being happy is can be easyBeing happy is important. Happiness can go a long way in warding off stressful influences in our lives. The ability to be cool, calm and collected in the face of adversity can reduce stress that affects our body’s regulatory processes. The neuroendometabolic (NEM) stress response is a complex network of circuits that is responsible for the regulation and management of aggravating factors cause by stress. It has included several systems and organs such as the autonomic nervous system and heart to form a network of sorts that provides a shield against stress that threatens our survival. In order for the NEM’s system to work efficiently the body needs time to recover and rest from stress that has over filled and become a burden that back logs the biological system. In these cases, when there is an abundance of stressful influences, the body can present with debilitating symptoms such as fatigue, heart arrhythmia and anxiety. Being happy is good medicine! Having an outlook on life that is positive and hopeful can have many positive effects on the health of your body, including the successful management of stress.

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Being happy is contagious
5 - "I love the above article and I have never seen truer words ever written."
I love making people happy and doing things to make them feel good. Throughout my life, I have had so many people tell me that the world would be a far better place if there were more people like me in it and actually, I would have to totally agree with that remark. And that is not my ego speaking, I just really love myself and feel good about the things I do for other people. Keep up the terrific prose Dr. Lam, because you are the best I have found! Actually, our minds have a tendency to run on the same channel even though I'm not a doctor. However, being a doctor is not always the best thing either. But you are the best one I've ever seen throughout my lifetime and I am 76.