I juice the following for breakfast morning

Q: I juice the following for breakfast each morning. 4 carrots, 3 sticks celery, 1 potato, 2 apples, 1/3 cucumber. Is it fine to just be having this for breakfast? Is it healthy? Do the carrots, because of the sugar, make it fattening? I have been battling with my weight for a while and wonder if this juicing has anything to do with it.
I also have very high acid levels and constipation and that is why I have recently added the potato, which seems to have helped. I enjoy the juice for breakfast and wonder if there is anything else that I should be adding. Could I have only juice for breakfast and lunch?

A: Carrots and apples have more calories than greens. 4 carrots, 2 apples and a potato would add to around 400-500 calories. It would be better to use only 1/2 – 1 carrot, and use a variety of lettuce, endives, cucumber, green leafy vegetables. Using vegetable juices will alkalize your body.
High acid levels in the body maybe caused by the following: high sugar intake, coffee, tea, cola, high protein intake, stress, distilled water, soft drinks.