Does Lemon Water Alkalinize the Body?

Q: Does lemon water alkalinize the body? People ask about water alkalinizing the body a lot, what does this mean, what are the pro/cons if any related to our program and those with AF?

A: The concept of alkalization and acidity is very interesting. The general concept, from a health perspective, is that our body tends to be over acidified from environmental toxins as well as a high meat diet. It is usually quite good to alkalize the body. Not only does alkalization rebalance the pH of the body but it also helps to prevent cancer. There are various ways to alkalize the body. The easiest is to take some water with a little bit of lemon. Lemon water tends to be acidic as it goes through the gastrointestinal tract, but once it’s absorbed into the blood stream and into the cells, it is actually an alkalizing property.
Often times, people may want to change from an acidic diet to an alkalizing diet by reducing meat and protein and by increasing vegetables and complex carbohydrates, but this is not so easily done in Adrenal Fatigue because many need a high protein and fat diet. Yet it is always good to have some attempt to alkalize the body. This is especially true if you have a Candida type infection, as Candida and other yeast infections tend to feed on a body that is more acidic.