Dr. Lam There Is Much More Written About Cortisol in Late Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue

Q: Dr. Lam There is much more written about cortisol in late stage 3 adrenal fatigue, but I have not seen much about the daily pattern of aldosterone. Would you tell us more about the diurnal pattern of aldosterone and comment on hypoaldosterone causing fluid buildup in the tissues, but then going down late at night? Does the hypoaldosterone also contribute to severe insomnia? Also, what strain does this changing fluid balance put on the heart each day? Thank you.

A: Low Aldosterone level is often a sign of advance adrenal fatigue, while high aldosterone level points to mild adrenal weakness. Under normal circumstances, the level of this hormone is constantly being maintained for homeostasis 24/7. The seemingly diurnal pattern is more likely due to other factors including position, lymphatic, diet etc. Low sodium can cause a myriad of undesirable physiological response and insomnia is one of them. What confuses the picture more is the addition of paradoxical responses of the body as this is happening. Blood electrolytes are usually normal and conventional medicine cannot explain the symptoms. Most of the time, titrating the amount of salt intake vs. a fluid can be very helpful, but from time to time, a special class of steroids may be needed if the problem is too advanced. If you are suspecting aldosterone issues, its best to seek someone who knows how to help.