Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation Effects on Gut Health

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM

Improving gut health with electromagnetic brain stimulationThere are many studies involving gut health as it relates to weight loss. Throughout these historically accurate and also new findings is a common thread that gut bacteria and health has a large effect on weight gain as well as obesity. One of the most recent studies on the subject relates electromagnetic brain stimulation to both gut health and weight loss. This is a very interesting development in what we consider to be important in the fight against obesity because, even though this is in its infant stage of research, it aligns with what is already suggested about the relationship between gut health and weight.

Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation Techniques and Findings

The theory that noninvasive electromagnetic brain stimulation can change the composition of intestinal bacteria has been proven through a study which was presented at the Endocrine Society’s 99th annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation, the technique used to achieve the results of the study, is completed by placing an electromagnetic coil on the top of the scalp and sending magnetic pulses to into the brain. Not only did this technique help participants to lose weight, it also helped to reduce food cravings. What this suggests is that electromagnetic brain stimulation may not just be used for weight reduction but also may play a role in addiction.

Researchers involved in the study believe that there is an underlying cause of obesity that is more related to impaired gut microbiota composition which disrupts the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, resulting in digestive tract problems.

These problems eventually lead to poor gut health and therefore issues with nutrient absorption and increased cravings. This brain stimulation changes the composition of gut bacteria and therefore helps the body to break down foods more completely. Because of this complete breakdown, the body also gets all of the nutrients it needs for food, reducing cravings later.

Aside from the general addiction to food, which is common in our society, there is also speculation that poor nutrition causes food cravings. These food cravings which come from a deficiency in nutrients, sometimes due to gut health, are not related to caloric intake. Because of this, there is a proclivity to take part in caloric overconsumption which can easily lead to obesity and other health issues. All of this is in search of proper nutrients.

The beauty of how this relates to electromagnetic brain stimulation is that, in part, it helps to improve the gut health and nutrient absorption which will, in many cases, directly slow the cravings caused by deficiency.

The study that took place involved three obese men and 11 obese women between the ages of 22 and 65. These subjects were placed into two separate groups and each received the therapy. Those who were exposed to the electromagnetic brain stimulation therapy lost over 3 percent of their weight. Along with this, they also lost 4 percent of their body fat. Their stool samples were analyzed before and after the five-week period and, in the group who used the therapy, there was a higher concentration of bacterial species which are common in healthy individuals.

This means that there was an effect on the subjects of the trial whereby they achieved positive results by losing weight and increasing their overall health as well. Because of this, there is now proof that not only does gut health have a large effect on weight gain, but also that electromagnetic brain stimulation has a large effect on bacteria cultures in the gut.

Electromagnetic Brain Stimulation and Hormones

Neurotransmitters, electromagnetic brain stimulation, and hormonesNeurotransmitters play a large part in regulating the pituitary gland which affects microbiota composition. This is an extremely detailed and complex system through which our bodies regulate everything from weight to inflammation. Because there is a relationship between neurotransmitters and the pituitary gland, there is also a relationship between neurotransmitters and hormone production.

This hormone production and release is very important when considering how weight is controlled by the body as the pituitary gland hormones have a large role in regulating appetite. It is necessary to consider how hormone release and production play a role in bacteria as they affect several other factors in the body that relate to each other.

Hormones in the body help to regulate things such as blood sugar, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular health, and much more. Because of this, when the appropriate neurotransmitters are triggered to help release healthy levels of hormones, there is a correspondingly positive effect that takes place for our overall health.

Microbiome and Health

There are several aspects of gut health that are important for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a moment to focus on the role of the microbiome in our health. There are an estimated 39 trillion bacteria in the human body. These bacteria are used for everything from harvesting energy from food to regulating immune function.

Because this is a newer area of study for health, and even more recent to consider the possibility of electromagnetic brain stimulation as it relates, gut microbiome is exciting and full of new implications for how we should view our bodies. Since microbiome helps to manage immunological health and contributes to food absorption, it’s difficult to find a better place to start when trying to clean up bodies.

Microbiome and electromagnetic brain stimulationThere are now links between anxiety, mood, high blood pressure, and more when considering their relationship to gut health and microbiome. This is great to understand but it’s also prudent to note that there can be many other causes of these issues besides microbiome.

If you are experiencing any of these health issues but aren’t sure what is causing them, it’s a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional to determine the root cause of your problems. You can’t be too careful when attempting to balance and regulate your health properly. If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone who is a trained professional for advice.

Adrenal Fatigue Recovery and Gut Health

Throughout this article, the importance of gut health has been emphasized as well as the amazing development that electromagnetic brain stimulation can have a positive effect on it. What hasn’t been touched on yet is the relationship between gut health, stress, and adrenal fatigue (AF).

Everything throughout the body as it relates to our overall health seems to be related to complex systems; gut health is no different. Let’s start with how stress can affect the gut and move on from there. The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response is the system through which our bodies process stress. This response begins in the brain with neurotransmitters, the same neurotransmitters that are activated by electromagnetic brain stimulation. From there, the brain signals turn into hormonal responses once they activate the pituitary gland and a hormonal cascade takes place.

The pituitary gland triggers the thyroid gland and then goes to the adrenal glands. This process seems convoluted but each step has a purpose and important action. The adrenal glands, being the final endocrine stage of the NEM Stress Response, have the majority of the burden placed on them. These glands have a role in regulating blood sugar levels, cardiovascular rhythm, and even gut health.

AFS and electromagnetic brain stimulationWhen we experience stress on a continual basis and the adrenal glands can’t cope in the way that they were meant to, we can experience AF. This can have many different implications as to how our bodies react when we are in any stage of AF but the most common issues are fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and lethargy.

A key aspect of AF is that people who are suffering from it often have a difficult time absorbing nutrients in a sufficient manner to maintain their health and energy levels. This is when electromagnetic brain stimulation can be used to help someone who is experiencing AF enter into a recovery stage.

If there is a possibility for you to use a technique such as electromagnetic brain stimulation to help improve your gut bacteria, it’s probably a good idea to give it a try. This is a good time to note that methods of improving health like this are out of reach for some people. The costs involved with this process can run into the thousands of dollars and there might be a better way for you to achieve your desired results.

Whenever you are considering a new relief technique for your AF, it’s a good idea to consult a healthcare professional to make sure it’s an effective choice for you. There are always variables and differences in individuals that may make one particular method better for one person than it is for another.

The Relationship between the Gut, Weight, and Stress

Now that new research is showing more and more how the brain and gut are related to each other in ways that were not previously considered, looking into how stress could affect your weight could be a wise thing to do. Because of the metabolic aspect of the NEM Stress Response, we already know that having high levels of stress can be a significant factor in weight gain.

The electromagnetic brain stimulation research now shows us a more in depth view of how not only metabolism is involved in the stress relationship to weight but also the gastrointestinal aspects of health. Maintaining healthy gut bacteria during periods of chronic stress can be very difficult to do.

Earlier we mentioned the fact that nutrient uptake can be impeded during times of stress because of the change in gut health which can lead to increased cravings for foods that add excess weight. It’s because of this that we need to pay extra attention to what’s happening in our gastrointestinal tract.

To seek relief from stress induced gut health problems, electromagnetic brain stimulation seems like a good start. What must also be considered is that a preventative approach to how often we are exposed to stress is also just as important as possible remedies. This means that the best way for you to improve your gut health is to reduce your stress burden in the first place.

Reducing stress and electromagnetic brain stimulationIt’s not always easy to do something like reducing stress and it often requires a complete mind-body approach. What we all need to tackle this serious problem head on is to look at stress and its effects in terms of how much you are exercising, how much you are focusing on mitigating mental pressures, and how you are maintaining health in your diet.

There are several ways to help yourself recover from AF, stress, and even begin to lose weight when you use a multi-faceted approach to combat imbalance. When you focus on managing the onset of your NEM Stress Response by taking the time to improve your mental calmness, you can slow the physical effects of stress. It will be much easier to take care of a healthy gut if you don’t have hormonal triggers and neurotransmitter signals that are interfering with proper gut health in the first place.

Once you can maintain proper gut health, whether through remedies discussed in this article or other methods, you will most likely have an easier time regulating your own weight. This is not to say that you will even have to take extra consideration as to what you’re eating because the body, with a healthy gut, will digest food in a different and more efficient way, helping to control cravings and more.

Conclusion and Take Away

There are several options that anyone can take when they are considering the health of their gut and recovery from AF. The first and most obvious step that we can all take, although it’s much easier said than done, is to manage the input of stress that triggers the NEM Stress Response. Many of the chronic issues that people suffer from when they have ongoing stress are a result of a cycle that needs to be broken.

Health is both an external and internal practice that involves effort on both sides. Start with what you know you can control and then go from there. For those who are fortunate enough to have access to relief through electromagnetic brain stimulation and other remedies, they can be a great way to jumpstart the recovery process as well.

The real conclusion should be that no matter how you decide to start the recovery process if you are experiencing AF, the important thing is that you begin. There are several options out there and once you find out what’s right for you, there are ways to begin to feel better. If you have any questions as to what is best for you and your particular situation, don’t hesitate to contact your clinical professional to guide you through something you’re comfortable with. It’s always a great time to get started!

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Actually, the main use for electromagnetic brain stimulation has been for mental health issues. There is a long history of this type of method being used to treat anxiety as well as a host of other psychological health problems. Only recently has it been related to obesity.

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