L-Glutamine and cancer, especially liver cancer?

Q: 1) What do you think about L-Glutamine and cancer, especially liver cancer? I read conflicting reports that it helps to fight against cancer and yet it could feed the cancer.
2) How about consuming protein from poultry like fish and chicken? Does it promote cancer to growth?

A: Glutamine is an amino acid and it has been used in cancer therapy to a certain degree and part of an overall program. The dosage needed is quite high, somewhere around 5 grams to start. There is no magic pill, and the key is to have a blend that is personalized to your body specifically as each body reacts different, and there is no general rule. In the case of cancer, nutrients are used therapeutically, so the dosage requirements are totally different and much higher for reversal of the cancerous process.
On the matter of poultry, it is out for cancer patients because of the hormones in the commercial chickens, unless it is free range or kampong chicken, as they call it. Get your protein from plant sources (beans and legumes). Do not take too much soy or tofu due to the excessive amount of anti-nutrients.