Are fluids like Gatorade good for adrenal fatigue

Q: Are fluids like Gatorade good for adrenal fatigue as a part of the fluid replacement program?

A: It all depends on the stage of adrenal fatigue that you are in. Those with mild fatigue (stage 1 and 2) generally do not have a problem with electrolyte imbalances so these fluids tend to be okay. Gatorade has high sodium and relatively low potassium, so even for the people with advanced adrenal fatigue, this is a good replacement. However, the problem with all these commercial drinks is that they tend to be very high in sugar, so as a result, it can be a poor choice. Now, if you have a tendency to be hypoglycemic, then a little bit of sugar drink from time to time can be tolerable. But by that time, most of the people in adrenal fatigue are already quite decompensated. These drinks cause a slight elevation in the blood sugar level, which is not welcome by the body most of the time. So the best fluid replacement for the body, in the case of adrenal fatigue, is just actually plain water with a little bit of lemon (so you get some vitamin C in low dose, as well as it alkalizes the body when it gets inside) along with a pinch of salt. Carrying a water bottle around with you at all times is the key. Drink it as much and as liberally as you can tolerate.