Six Ways To Say Goodbye To The Effects From Caffeine

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Dorine Lam, RDN, MS, MPH

Effects from caffeine - Look Outside!With all of the research we’re now seeing about negative effects from caffeine consumption, we must ask ourselves, is it any less important to stay alert and wake up in a timely manner? The answer, of course, in this busy, bustling world of ours is a resounding, “No!”

Here are some simple ideas to get you going in the morning without the health risks associated with the effects from caffeine.

How To Be Free From The Effects From Caffeine

  1. Get a better night’s sleep. It’s a no brainer, right? It’s not as simple as it seems. Poor diet and scheduling may be the biggest things keeping you awake too late and thus more tired the next day. Are you preparing for sleep the next day? Everything we do throughout the day is interlinked, and if you’re not preparing your body by calming it down and gently applying the brakes, you’re not going to sleep as well. Some sort of concentrated, deep breathing – Adrenal Breathing Exercises – being one option, aromatherapy, reading, meditation, and dimmed lights are great for this.
  2. Water. We’re comprised of roughly 70% water. Our body needs it, our body loves it, and we should give in to these healthy demands. Over the course of our evolution, most of the things that comprise our dietary intake have changed, but water is the one constant, and we should take advantage of that consistency. If you drink water before bed, you’re likely to need to GET UP to use the restroom. If you drink water upon arising, you’re setting your body on a path for success for the rest of the day.
  3. Music. Many people have alarm clocks that shock them out of bed, but new alarm clocks have the ability to wake you up with your favorite radio station or a CD. One idea is to put a song as your first one that makes it impossible to stay still. The next track may be the one that makes you think of putting on sweats and going for that morning jog, or perhaps something that sustains that initial energy as you start to brush your teeth and move forward in your day. Add a few tracks extra just in case it’s an extra rough morning and you need to warm up in bed a bit longer.
  1. Food. There’s something nice about getting out of bed to cook. It’s a sense of accomplishment that gets you going in the right direction. If you’re looking for some pre-exercise energy, some things like apples or chocolate can really give your morning some zest. Whole grains, especially sprouted wheat, can give you the complex carbs, Iron, and vitamin B that are a natural stimulant. Eggs are also nutrient rich, but maybe best saved, along with the whole grains, until after exercise. An apple, no matter when you eat it, is energy rich – slowly digested, high in good carbohydrates and fiber, and with no drawbacks, it’s the perfect energy! Chocolate wakes you up just as quickly as coffee, probably tastes better, and it doesn’t give you bad breath!
  2. Sunlight and effects from caffeineLight. We all remember groaning when our parents flipped the light switch on as a child, and we know why. Light is a natural stimulant which probably signaled the start of a new day in our evolutionary past. Now, in our lives of relative luxury, where light doesn’t mean we’re being hunted by predators or other tribes, it is more of an irritant than a symbol for actual pain. We can get up and hit the lights and get a bit of light that way, but it’s even better to get outdoors and try and do something in the actual sunlight. Exercise, stretching, even some deep breathing or grounding is all a great way to wake up.
  3. Exercise. Exercise isn’t always an option. If it is, it’s a great way to wake up and get the blood pumping! Jogging outdoors is a great way to get light, sun, and exercise all wrapped together in a package that exceeds anything coffee could give you. For those with joint pain, bicycling or swimming both are excellent alternatives. Nothing is a better wake up drug than endorphins.

With these steps, you can eliminate coffee from your diet and no longer worry about the dependency upon the effects from caffeine!

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Sunlight and effects from caffeine