I have been on your protocol for 4 weeks now.

Q: Hi Dr. Lam, I have been on your protocol for 4 weeks now. Over all I think I’m feeling better as my anxiety has improved and my depression has lifted.
But one thing I’m not sure about is that I’m feeling more tired now than before starting your protocol.
I have been doing the step down challenge, but I’m still feeling tired. I’m unsure if I could have got worse since starting it, or if it is a crash, or a clearance problem.
I have to say my mood has improved, so does it sound more like a clearance problem?
Thank you

A: There can be mixed signals in the beginning. Healing stages as the “smoke” clears, so to say. What you are experiencing is normal and is actually a good sign, as it means that the body is capable of reacting. If your adrenals are really very weak, the picture would be different.
A general sense of calmness and well being returning is, therefore, a good sign. That means your body is no longer burdened by an unwanted load.
Being a bit more tired could be part of the healing process. Toxins are accumulating as it takes some time to rid themselves out of the body. As long as you stay focused on nurturing the adrenals, which is my approach, your body is getting the tools slowly and surely. The step-down challenges are excellent and you should continue with that.
When you try to clean a dirty room that has not been vacuumed for a long time, the air quality is not going to be good during the cleaning process. After a while, the dust will settle and the room will be nice. Stay focused on following instructions.