The Key To Healing Adrenal Fatigue

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

There seems to be a strong correlation between healing adrenal fatigue and a longer lifespanA number of studies have connected the sedentary lifestyle with increased risk of certain chronic diseases. A new meta analysis of a total of 41 different studies of sedentary adults, 14 linking the lifestyle with cardiovascular disease, 14 with cancer, and another 13 with all-cause mortality found that extensive sitting increased the incidence of cardiovascular disease by 14%, increased cancer risk by 13%, and increased the risk of diabetes by a whopping 91%. The study further found that those who sat for the majority of their day and did not exercise regularly were 40% more likely to die early. Even those who exercised regularly were still 10% more likely to die early than those who did not spend prolonged hours sitting. The researchers concluded that excessive sedentary behavior was linked to poor health outcomes, even with regular exercise. Lack of physical activity increases risk of disease, lowers immune, and slows the body natural healing process. A sedentary lifestyle can be a major road block in healing adrenal fatigue.

This extensive study looked primarily at studies that assessed the effects of sedentary time while adjusting for physical activity levels. In addition, this study sought to determine to what degree physical activity levels could influence the link between sedentary times and health outcomes. The researchers developed a systematic approach to search the studies to determine the influence of sedentary behavior or direct clinical outcomes such as death, disease, and use of medical services, as opposed to indirect outcomes such as insulin sensitivity, weight, or quality of life. The researchers collated the statistics linked to longest reported sedentary time and adjusted for physical activity.

The scientists found that those who reported being the most sedentary were at significantly increased risk of premature death due to all causes, as well as from cancer and cardiovascular disease in particular. They were also at increased risk of certain types of cancer, particularly breast, endometrial, epithelial ovarian, colon, and colorectal cancers. They found the strongest link, however, was with diabetes, with the most sedentary individuals having nearly double (91% increase) the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Many common chronic health issues can be slowed or stopped by healing adrenal fatigue/Studies on the combined effects of physical exercise and sedentary behaviors on dying from all causes are limited, but this analysis shows that mortality risk is 30% higher in those who rarely or never engage in physical activity than in those who meet or exceed the recommended 30 minutes per day. The existing research does not show a significant link between high levels of physical exercise and excessive sedentary behavior with mortality or cardiovascular disease, the research does suggest that high amounts of physical activity may not be able to fully mitigate the impact of time spent sitting. Further research is needed in this area to determine whether such a link exists.

This study offers evidence that excessive sitting, even in those who get frequent exercise, may contribute to a number of negative health outcomes. Though exercise may help to mitigate the effects of sitting, reducing time spent sitting may improve health outcomes even more.

Dr. Lam’s Perspective on Healing Adrenal Fatigue:

The body is an amazing and finely tuned machine; it needs love and attention to keep functioning optimally. Ignoring the body’s needs and sitting around watching too much TV or spending too much time on the internet suppresses our energy levels and physical capacity over time. On the other hand, exercising regularly, keeping our body moving and our internal functions going helps the body become more robust and run more smoothly.

Your body has needs that should not be ignored, and maintaining healing adrenal fatigue is crucial to your overall healthFor proper adrenal gland support, this kind of regular activity is important. It keeps the body on its toes and able to respond effectively to – and overcome – stress. Replacing active time with sitting time robs the body of resilience, weakening the adrenals among other body functions. It should come as no surprise, then, that extended periods of sitting leads to chronic conditions as different systems in the body weaken to the point their function becomes compromised. During the process of healing Adrenal Fatigue, make sure you take the time to get up and do some exercise to break up your inactive periods, even if it’s just a quick walk. Those with advanced adrenal fatigue may find this too tiring. Do not worry. We have developed specific Adrenal Circulation Exercises that can help the body “get moving” without over physical exertion that can trigger adrenal crashes, and still reap the benefits that assist you in healing Adrenal Fatigue.

It is also very important to understand that good exercise needs to be accompanied by good breathing technique to allow blood flow but no excessive adrenaline release. Those with adrenal fatigue are particularly at risk of crashes if this is not followed. Mastering our Adrenal Breathing Exercise is particularly helpful and is a foundational recovery tool for anyone with advanced adrenal fatigue wishing to return to aerobic function.

Source: Ann Intern Med. January, 2015.

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