How or why does Hydrolyzed Collagen improve energy?

Q: Hi … How or why does Hydrolyzed Collagen improve energy? … Does it stimulate? … I want to make sure it doesn’t stimulate. I don’t want to use anything that stimulates since it will only make my adrenals worse. … Thanks in advance for your help and knowledge.

A: It’s good because it ultimately breaks down into various basic nutrients and amino acids which can reverse the catabolic state common in adrenal fatigue. Having said that, the timing is important, along with dosage and delivery system. Most in adrenal fatigue are actually very slow in assimilation. That is why many have slow bowl movements as the body generally slows down. Collagen, even hydrolyzed, is hard to digest if the body is weak. I use this only after I have built up enough adrenal reserve; otherwise, you can weaken the adrenals further and may trigger crashes.