I am hoping you can help me with my tragic case.

Q: I have read your article on dehydration and I am hoping you can help me with my tragic case. I am 24, I have been on a series of anti-depressants and sleeping pills which have caused hair loss, loss of my skin elasticity, and my eyes are big, not the same shape as they were before I took the medications. I was in the hospital twice for dehydration, currently I don’t sweat much anymore because my body is trying to hold on to the fluids. Do you know of any way to reverse this condition? Also will my body hydrate to its normal level again and if it does, will my face go back to the way it looked–I know this is a lot of questions, but my body has been so ruined from these medications that I’m unable to live my life, I haven’t been on any pills for a month and I’m not witnessing any changes. Your help is greatly appreciated.

A: For a young person of your age, you have sure gone through a lot. Hydration status is a summation of input minus output. Unless you are on diuretics (drugs that causes you to urinate), the more your drink, the more water you have. You can measure the amount of water you have by a body fat analyzer, or a blood test hematocrit will give you an indication. Some people tend to lose water quickly, and others may sweat more. Generally speaking, taking in 12-15 glasses will not hurt. Carry a water bottle around if you need to.
Interestingly, you said you have been hospitalized twice for dehydration. Do have your endocrine system checked out to find out why you are not able to hold onto water. It takes sometimes a few weeks for drugs to wash out of your system, so monitor yourself carefully now that you are off drugs.