I am looking at a product called Sun Chlorella.

Q: I am looking at a product called Sun Chlorella. I have read there are side effects of severe vomiting and diarrhea from taking chlorella. Is Sun Chlorella and chlorella the same product? Also, would having an allergic reaction to shellfish be a cause for concern if taking this supplement?

A: Chlorella is a green food. Sun Chlorella is a brand name that is heavily promoted. Chlorella as a natural compound has good detoxification properties. For normal people, it can be helpful, with enhanced energy flow. Chlorella also has natural chelating properties, purging heaving metals like mercury and lead from the body. This is good for those with normal bodies, but those in AF have to be very careful. Chelated metals have to be excreted out of the body quickly. Those who are in AF, particularly when in advance stages, tend to have reduced clearance capacity. Chelated metals tend to stay in the body and circulate. Pain of unknown origin in the muscles and joints, along with brain fog, are commonly associated with such processes. In severe cases, adrenal crashes can be triggered. Taking chlorella is not recommended in AF unless the body is well healed. If you have allergies to shellfish, you should be careful when taking chlorella even though it’s a vegetation. There may be some contamination.