I am new to the anti-aging diet. I am a 29 year old vegan.

Q: I am new to the anti-aging diet. I am a 29 year old vegan. I am really trying to understand what I should and shouldn’t be eating with carbohydrates. Should we be eating buckwheat, rye etc? Let’s say I find a product that doesn’t have yeast and gluten in it, but has buckwheat or rye, is that OK? I guess what I am trying to understand is what is it in these grains that is bad for the sugar level? I am about 14kgs overweight for my BMI but I also want long term benefits, i.e. anti aging. Your help would be most appreciated.

A: I am glad that you are a vegan. Being a vegan, there is a tendency to eat a lot of carbohydrates to fill up as calories. Whole grains are better than refined grain; they provide fibers which slow down the absorption of sugar from the grain into the blood stream. All grain products do break down into sugar eventually, it is just a matter of how much. I would recommend that you stop using refined grain products, and use a variety of whole grains, such as buckwheat, rye, quinoa, spelt, oats, and bulgur wheat. Vegetables are low in calories and you can eat as much as you would like. Also, stay away from white potatoes. I would add some nuts to your diet that will delay the quick absorption of the grain carbohydrates. Keep in mind that nuts are high in fats, so their intake should be very limited.