I am starting to feel stronger and have less fatigue

Q: I am a 46-year old male. I am starting to feel stronger and have less fatigue. Yet every time I exert just a little too much physical energy, it triggers an acne breakout. Why does this happen?

A: Acne breakout is often a symptom of testosterone surge. This can happen as you recover from adrenal fatigue because as your adrenals get stronger, the amount of testosterone in the body tends to revert back to the normal level, which is usually higher than those who have adrenal fatigue. When you expend more physical energy, the body is usually put in a state of alert and the adrenaline flow is increased. Adrenaline tends to increase cortisol output, and at the same time the HPA axis is put on overdrive. If you are recovering from adrenal fatigue, this can lead to an increased output of testosterone. In a way, an increase in your testosterone output is a good sign. But at the same time, it can also be a sign that your body may be exerted too much, in which case, you need to reduce the amount of exercise that you do. The body is not ready to be over exerted, and that is the take home lesson your body is trying to tell you. As long as you do not feel drained after the exercise, it is more of a positive sign than a negative sign.