I guess there are plenty of potential variables involved

Q: I guess there are plenty of potential variables involved, but on the whole, do the adrenals play a significant role in ‘powering’ the colon to help move waste out the body?
I’ve noticed now that since I’ve been eliminating them I feel slightly better even though it’s left me quite fatigued, however this is certainly more preferable to being constipated.

A: Adrenals themselves are not directly related to detox process, which is liver focused. Advance adrenal fatigue is accompanied by a general slowdown of all body parts to conserve energy, and clearance is affected. Any aggressive detox can therefore make things worse due to retoxification reaction if the internal systems are not up to par in terms of clearing toxins. Be very careful with any detox unless under professional guidance until you are well healed. My article called Adrenal Exhaustion addresses this. It’s very common.