I have a high lipoprotein a (Lp(a)) of over 85.

Q: I have a high lipoprotein a (Lp(a)) of over 85. This was diagnosed about 2 years ago. My doctor put me on niacin. The Lp(a) came down to 45 over a one year period. However, I’m very discouraged as in the past year; the Lp(a) has failed to come down further even after increasing the niacin. My doctor does not have any further suggestions.

A: Niacin reduces the production of lipoprotein a (Lp(a)) in the liver. By doing this, the lipoprotein level will go down. However, until you repair the endothelium of the vascular wall, the liver will always receive a signal to produce Lp(a). As a result, the niacin is a symptomatic approach and does not address the root cause. The best way to bring down the Lp(a) to optimum level (under 14 mg/dl) is through the use of a cocktail mixture of lysine, proline, vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate, bioflavonoid, and some pine bark extract. This particular cocktail will reduce the endothelial damage. When the endothelium’s health is improved, the liver will not need to make lipoprotein A as a repair mechanism surrogate. Therefore, the Lp(a) will normalize nicely.