If my neurotransmitters are low

Q: If my neurotransmitters are low, should I work on improving those before working on my adrenals?

A: First of all, there are many kinds of neurotransmitter ranging from melatonin to norepinephrine. So you have to be very careful in understanding what is really “low” to start. Furthermore current neurotransmitter test are not very specific. Many present high on laboratory tests, but clinically are perfectly normal. The reverse is also true. This is especially true with norepinephrine and epinephrine Clinical correlation is absolutely critical, and over reliance on test results can be a big mistake. Compounds that stimulate neurotransmitter such as tyrosine and amino acids are generally stimulatory in nature and can make you “wired” over time if overly used. Most “low” neurotransmitters do not need “treatment” they can actually make things worse, be careful and talk to your doctor before embarking on any therapeutic program.