I’m a female and have high testosterone and high DHEA.

Q: I’m a female and have high testosterone and high DHEA. How do I lower them naturally? I know for DHEA I have to rebuild my adrenal, but what about the high testosterone? Will increasing estrogen balance it out, or should I try a glandular like pituitary and ovary?

A: Females that have high testosterone, in the absence of pathology like a tumor, are often linked to adrenal fatigue and associated estrogen dominance. A high DHEA means the adrenals are working hard and is a common occurrence. Both high testosterone and high DHEA thus point to adrenal weakness. They are high due only to increased production, but also due to the shunting and interconverion of various hormones within the adrenal gland.
Attempts to bring down the testosterone normally fails unless adrenal weakness is first attended to. When the adrenal normalize, DHEA will often return to normal, estrogen dominance often subsides, and testosterone impact reduced.
Increasing estrogen will not balance it out. It may make it worse. Similarly, a pituitary glandular may actually lead to over stimulation and increase testosterone. The use of lower level potency nutrient such as Vitamin C and pantethine is the best choice. The key is dosage, as each person is different. Too much of these, or if the body is sensitive, can also lead to over stimulation and thus excessive DHEA and testosterone production. The good news is that it can be balanced if meticulously done over time in titrating dosage. It’s like walking a tight rope, if you know what I mean.