Is Money Everything?

Is money everything or is it just an expression?With the American economy in a mess and unemployment rates so high psychologists have decided to complete a few different studies to see if money truly does buy happiness. And is money everything we hope it to be?

Where the Idea to Study This Subject Came From

Recently there was a study published online at psychological science that delved further into the long standing idea that more money equaled a greater happiness. The researchers began to look into this idea of “Is money everything” after seeing an abundance of evidence stating that socioeconomics had nothing to do with happiness rather it was respect, admiration, and social standing that made most people happy.

Who the Researchers Surveyed

The first study that was completed contained 80 college students from 12 different groups on one campus. The researchers asked several questions about their socioeconomic statuses and their parent’s socioeconomic status.

After collecting this information the researcher continued with their questioning and asked the participants how often they received admiration from their peers and how many different leadership positions they held on campus. The evidence was then calculated to see if the happiness of the students was due to the admiration of peers or their household income.

There were several studies that followed the first, but the final study was even more interesting then the first few. In the final study group was asked the same questions the first group was asked only this time the group that was created of all business graduate students. The students were asked about how happy they felt before and after graduation. The researchers also looked at the admiration felt before and after graduation and how happy they were with their social well-being. The data from this study and all other studies were then evaluated.

Is Money Everything? What the Studies Found

All of the studies found that the social well-being of people were not based on their income or their family’s income, but rather on the admiration they felt from their peers. It turns out that people really love to be complimented and feel as though they make a difference in the field they work in and the groups they socialize in. Knowing this information should make you feel better especially if you yourself have a poor paying job or have lost your job due to budget cuts.

The psychologists tried to explain the research results by comparing it to lottery winners. They stated that lottery winners are truly happy for a short time, but after the initial increase in their socioeconomic status increased they again began to feel a normal sense of happiness.

Is Money Everything When It Comes To Adrenal Fatigue and the NEM Stress Response?

If the above studies are true and money is a temporary higher than normal happiness, it’s safe to say that it may only be a temporary solution in making you feel better. For example if you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, one of the symptoms is finding it hard to get up in the morning and have energy. This sometimes leads to excessive coffee (caffeine in the morning) but drinking large of amounts of caffeine is only a temporary solution to lethargy. Eventually you will come down from your coffee buzz and crash. This crash will be even worse when you have adrenal gland problems.

Is money everything for true happiness?When you are happy you produce serotonin. This neurotransmitter helps balance stress and makes you feel good. Serotonin is also important because it regulates sleep, memory, body temperature, muscle contractions and your mood. It is vital to keeping your stress levels at bay and keeps your NEM Stress Response system in check. However, only temporarily being happier than normal will eventually come down. It’s like the old saying ‘what goes up, eventually comes down.

When you suffer from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome neurotransmitters like serotonin are altered. In later stages of Adrenal Fatigue serotonin levels fall. This could play a role in depression. Imbalances such as this can put added stress on the body. Overall, if you are only temporarily happier with money and have Adrenal Fatigue it will most likely push you into a deeper depression and cause more stress on your body when your levels of serotonin change. So I believe Adrenal Fatigue, and the NEM Stress Response system will suffer from money over time. Which allows you to honestly answer the question “Is money everything?” with a confident….NO.


Is money everything