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By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH; Justin Lam, ABAAHP, FMNM; Carrie Lam, MD

Tips on how to have a healthy lifeKnowing how to have a healthy life consist of just more than knowing how to be healthy or eating right. If you want a natural approach to being healthy you need to take all aspects of being healthy into consideration. Being healthy means living in a healthy way mentally, physically, and spiritually. Here are some tips on how to have a healthy life naturally.

Relaxation: You need down time, and even fun, in order to stay positive and reduce stress because stress can cause health problems.

Spiritual: Living in peace with whatever you believe about life. We are prone to have a spiritual and emotional state, if we nurture that aspect it is good for our bodies.

Social: Humans are social creatures and it is proven that social interaction is good for mood boosting and our overall health.

Diet: To be healthy naturally you need a proper diet that includes the food groups.

Exercise: Physical exercise is important for overall health.

With these top points said, if you can take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual, you can live a naturally healthy life yet there are several other things you can do to encourage and boost your health.

Natural Ingredients That Will Add To Your Healthy Life

Knowing how to have a healthy life naturally, using the 5 aspects, are just the basics. There are several natural ingredients that can be put into food, made into massage oils, face masks, or lotions that can also promote a natural healthy life. This ingredients include:

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is very good for the skin. It can be used for it’s anti-aging properties, skin moisturizing and to heal wounds or skin irritations.

Hemp: Hemp seeds contain magnesium, iron, zinc, and fiber. Overall it contains many dietary vitamins that are good for healthy living. Try adding hemp to smoothies for a nutritional breakfast.

Tea Tree Oil: This oil has been known to treat skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, bug bites, and minor skin irritations.

Ginger: For the digestive system, ginger is a natural healer. It is good for upset stomachs, nausea, and even heartburn. This is a natural way to help your body feel better. Many people make it into a tea for the best results.

Arnica: This is typically made into a tea, however it can also be an ointment or cream. Arnica is used to reduce swelling, edema, and relieve pain.

Krill Oil: Krill Oil is high in omega 3s. Omega 3s are important for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, among other things.

Ginseng: This ingredient is used to improve immunity, relieve nervousness and even improve memory. Ginseng is also known to aid in diabetes and helps reduce high blood glucose levels.

Turmeric: Turmeric is an antioxidant that helps relieve inflammation and even reduce plaque buildup in arteries.

Chia: These seeds contain Omega 3s, amino acids, and fiber. Chia seeds also help regulate blood glucose levels.

Chamomile: This flowering plant has many health benefits from being a sleep aid, to aiding in digestion to even being an antiseptic.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus leaves are great for aromatherapy, being an antiseptic and even relieving congestion.

When you use these ingredients, along with working on the 5 areas of health in your life, you can start to naturally become healthier. Being healthy is not just using healthy products though. You have to have a proper diet, good sleep, exercise, and a positive outlook on life. Of course, you can’t be happy all the time or healthy all the time, however if you commit to improving these areas in your life your overall health will greatly improve.

How to Have a Healthy Life & Live if You Suffer From Adrenal Fatigue

how to have a healthy life the natural wayAdrenal Fatigue Syndrome is a group of symptoms that seem unrelated but occur when the adrenal gland has imbalances. It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle in order to alleviate adrenal gland disorders and prevent adrenal exhaustion which can be debilitating and sometimes even fatal. Anything healthy that can promote sleep, regulate blood glucose levels and reduce stress will greatly help anyone who suffers from adrenal fatigue. Omega 3s and antioxidants can also aid people who suffer with AFS. Whether or not you have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome, it is important to take care of your body and your overall health.

A Healthy Life and NEM Stress Response

The NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response model is a model that shows how stress affects the body’s organs and systems including the neuroendocrine system which is primarily responsible for regulating stress levels in the body. Each system can affect the other system with stress. When you take away stress factors such as negative emotions, toxins in the body and high blood glucose levels the body can balance and naturally become healthier. Be sure to include essential vitamins such as Vitamin C and B complex to help maintain your overall health. Your health and stress are interrelated and you can’t be healthy with high levels of stress. Overall it is important to have a well balanced life if you want to be healthy naturally.

Final Thoughts on How to Have a Healthy Life

Living a healthy life naturally doesn’t mean you have to give up fun or give up everything you love. However, somethings are best enjoyed in moderation. Remember to take care of the 5 aspects of life in order to have a naturally healthy life. And it’s okay to use healthy ingredients to boost your health. Keep in mind that you should consult a professional if you have any concerns with using any mineral oil or natural supplements, especially if you have a health condition or suffer from adrenal fatigue. Not every supplement is healthy for everyone, so it’s important to know the facts and get proper nutritional therapy.

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