Letting Go Of Stuff: Finding Happiness

By: Michael Lam, MD, MPH

What is Really Yours?

Your children are not part of what is really yours. Learn the art of letting go of stuffThe key to health is letting go of stuff. Letting go of stuff that is emotional. Letting go of stuff in your physical environment. Letting go of stuff related to physical ailments and discontent. To own something is often defined as possessing something. However, all the definitions of owning and possessing are independent of the factor of time. Judging by the modern definitions, renting a house for a particular period turns the renter into the owner of the house for a temporary basis. But unfortunately, that is not the case as what is not ours is simply not ours to claim. When the factor of time is brought into consideration, the definitions change and we come to realize that we have been looking at the world from a hypnotized perspective. Many of us need to learn to be comfortable with letting go of stuff.  So, you might be wondering why is letting go of stuff so important.  How will letting go of stuff help my health? And, why does letting go of stuff even matter at all?  Well, keep reading to find out how it can change your life.

Technology may advance to its peaks but mortality is something that mankind has been unable to defeat since the beginning of time and is very unlikely to do so in the future. The factor of mortality has given birth to time and time has evolved as the basis for defining ownership. For instance, when an owner of a particular asset dies, the ownership of that asset passes on to the successor. Even though the successor may then be considered the owner, it is also for a defined period. A better explanation is provided by a number of factors which we take as ours for granted but are not really ours. These are explained in detail below:

Your Spouse, Lover & Significant Other

Is it right to think that your spouse or lover is yours? The answer would be negative. Even though the two of you might have stood together in all situations of life, shared all good/bad memories, and intimate moments, it is frequent that we see couples separating from each other. Even if that is not the case, the dreams of growing old together are too far-fetched. One of the two will inevitably pass away sooner or later and there is no certainty of you being together in the hereafter. Therefore, think again of what is yours.

Your Children

From conception, birth to upbringing, you may be responsible for your children. A blood relationship is definitely far greater than other bonds but that does not imply that our children are truly ours. What is ours is in our control? In an unfortunate event when a child passes away, parents do not have the ability to bring the same child back.


Money is a man-made entity and is to be taken as such. There is no ownership of the fortune that you make during your life. We are born without a bank account and leave this world without it. The life that you make in this world is not transferable to another in terms of luxury and money. These luxuries include your house, car and other assets. In a matter of days, someone else would take their ownership. In this case, whatever we think is ours may be for a very temporary duration.

My dear readers, you may believe that nothing in life is ever yours. From your soul to money, there are people who believe in this idea. However, should you take a moment to think through your life, you will realize that there are plenty of things that are yours. In this blog, we will talk about the first thing that belongs to us, our body.

What is Really Yours? – Meditate on it

Letting go of stuff and your overall healthWhile the process of reflection is simple, many people find it difficult. In order to find out what is truly ours, we must sit quietly, relax and meditate on the matter. In your meditative pose, think about everything you own. From your shoes to your business, try to realize why each does not belong to you.

For example, money or property does not truly belong to you as it is always exchanging hands. But what about your body? Is it yours? If so, how do you know it is? While meditating, think of the facts below.

What is the Body?

To most people, the body is simply the covering on their bone, muscles, and organs. It is just something that we have; something that truly is not ours. However, the truth is far from it. The body is more than just a covering, it is a vessel in which we continue the journey of life. It is the vessel in which our soul is placed, the vessel that belongs to us.

Why the Body is Ours

From birth to death, your body is constantly with you, enduring the hardships as well as enjoying the good times with you. As you age, grow, feel pain and even enjoy pleasure, so does your body. Everything you experience, your body does as well. It is the very essence that holds us, keeps us alive and ensures we live on. If you meditate on it from this perspective, you will soon realize I am correct.

How We Control it

Since the body is ours, we are in complete control of how it works, including its wear and tear. That is why we need to ensure that our body is well taken care of. The more we take care of our body, the longer it will last and the more we can enjoy life.

As such, it stands to reason that the only thing you truly own is your body. Until you die, nobody can take it from you nor can anyone claim ownership of your body. It is up to you to decide what you do with it, what you put in it and how long you want to keep it. In order to enjoy a long and fruitful life, you must cherish your body above all else and take measures needed to ensure its health and longevity.

We have already established that we own nothing beyond our own body, not truly. It is only your body that is truly yours in this world – yours to decide what to do with. Yet, the standards necessary in order to enjoy a long and fruitful life have changed. You must still cherish your body above all else and take all necessary measures needed to ensure its health and longevity. But there is so much more you need to do as well.

Letting Go Of Stuff

The standards that define a good life in this modern, technologically superior era have evolved along with everything else. The following is what you need to do if you want to truly define exactly what is yours in this world.

The Smartest Person

Being happy is letting go of stuffThe smartest people today want to play, and not just live. They want to have some fun at the end of their day and at the end of their week – and at any other time possible. If you want to be defined as a smart person today, you need to have a good sense of humor, and it should be complemented by an open mind.

The Most Stupid Person

Unless you wish to portray yourself as one of the most stupid people around, do not try to do things in a hurry. The world is yours, so relax! Say goodbye to working overtime and try never to be depressed at all. If a bout of depression does get hold of you – hide it.

The Most Healthy Person

This is the type of person you really want to be in the modern day and age – it is who the rest of the world appreciates. So move – a LOT, and go for long walks and exercise more, as much and as frequently as you can. But most importantly, hug and do it often, to as many people as would allow you to hug them.

The Happiest Person

Life is about being happy, and of course you want to be happy too. In order to do that, you need to establish relationships and friendships, and you need to do it often. Stay in close contact with them, send frequent emails to your friends, talk often, and smile even more. Smiles keep you healthy too, so that is always an additional perk.

So, do you think you can truly own anything – even your own body – in this era, once you have considered the standards necessary to lead a good, satisfactory life?

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