Low in Magnesium and Have an Abundance of Calcium

Q: Your article suggests that most of us are low in magnesium and have an abundance of calcium. What are your suggestions to women whose bone density tests shows bone thinning, and have been told by their doctors to increase calcium to more than 1200 mg daily. Most supplements I’ve seen show a calcium/magnesium ratio of 2 to 1. Do you agree, or do you think it should be 1 to 1?

A: The recommendation of 1200 mg a day is based on data that is now some 30 years old. The latest research does not point to that high a calcium load for adult over 35 years old unless it is balanced with magnesium.
A 1:1 ratio is good. If you can take more magnesium, it’s even better. You know when it is too much as excessive magnesium will cause you to have diarrhea at which point you can back off.
I often recommend my patients to take only 300-500 mg of calcium with same of magnesium. Then add another 300-500 mg of magnesium as tolerated. Magnesium is highly deficient in our diet, and 80% of Americans are deficient in getting the 350 mg recommended RDA per day. That is not true of calcium which is present in lots of dairy products such as cheese, pizza etc.
If you want to avoid osteoporosis, the key is:
take plenty of magnesium balanced with calcium in ratio of 1:1 and even 2:1 if you can tolerate it.
do weight bearing exercises
natural progesterone cream
avoid coffee, tea, and sugar.
Your homework is to read this article on magnesium and osteoporosis.