The first in almost the fourth month, and the other two early on.

Q: Last year I had three miscarriages. The first in almost the fourth month, and the other two early on. I had very heavy bleeding during the first pregnancy that went on for almost three months. I have recently been diagnosed with 2 ovarian cysts, and possible endometriosis. I am undergoing a laparoscopy soon. Could endometriosis be responsible for the miscarriages, and is a healthy pregnancy and birth possible with this condition. I do have one child, and I had a normal pregnancy with him.

A: Endometriosis per se does not cause miscarriage, but those with endo do have a much higher chance of miscarriage as a matter of fact. The reason is under heavy investigation scientifically, but most in natural medicine field agreed that estrogen dominance plays a big part as the root cause of endometriosis, and if your estrogen is high, it is very hard to get pregnant because your progesterone will be low as a result of the estrogen dominance. Progesterone is the hormone that maintains your pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Without a high level of progesterone, pregnancy cannot be maintained and miscarriage is common. This is often overlooked by even some of the best doctors. If you indeed have this problem, high dose of natural progesterone (not synthetic) may be helpful in the first trimester to maintain pregnancy. I would suggest you should explore this further with your OB, and seek 2nd opinion if you needed.