My mother has a Glioblastoma

Q: My mother has a glioblastoma. She started radiotherapy 16 days ago. I would like to know your experience in the treatment with antioxidants in this tumor. Can you give me information about the type of antioxidants and the dosage?

A: Antioxidant use is an excellent adjunct therapy for this type of tumor. However, not all anti-oxidants can cross the blood brain barrier. I would suggest you look into the following:
Lipoic Acid 500 mg or more
Melatonin 30-50 mg in liquid form at bedtime to be scaled up slowly to avoid wild dreams (yes 50 mg and not 5 mg;)
Artesminin 100mg (Get the Artimax-100) one two times a day to be taken 3 hours after the lipoic acid and vitamin E.
Vitamin E 800-1200 IU in the form of D-alpha tocopherol with meals
These are the basics for the brain. If she has spread to the body, then addition antioxidants for the body are needed. Here is my take on this issue which need personalization on a case by case basis depends on weight etc as you know.
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