Old female who has been experiencing low libido

Q: I am a 45 year old female who has been experiencing low libido for the past few years. I have read about the Drs. Bermans’ work and decided to have my testosterone level checked. My total testosterone level was less than 10. I am an otherwise very healthy woman of normal weight, who’s very fit, with no major health problems. My doctor is totally against prescribing ANY testosterone supplement for me. Can you recommend any natural and/or safer ways to increase my testosterone level?

A: Testosterone replacement should not be taken lightly. At your age, there are other natural supplements that can boost libido. Since testosterone in the female is made at the adrenal glands, fortification of the adrenal glands will help testosterone secretion. DHEA and Pregnenolone are of particular importance. Make sure you are not suffering from adrenal fatigue. Also with your age and approaching menopause, some hormonal imbalance is to be expected and this can be overcome with natural progesterone and estriol, for example. The combinations are countess, depending on your condition. Make sure you are not suffering from estrogen dominance which can lead to low testosterone also.
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