Heroes Tribute: Derreck Kayongo

Actress Laura Dern introduces 2011 Top 10 CNN Hero Derreck Kayongo at “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.”   [CTA_Video_D]

About Migraine Headaches and Cognitive Decline

About Migraine Headaches and Cognitive Decline Migraines are quite common, especially in women. These horrible headaches can be caused by so many things from imbalances in diet, to stress, sleep patterns, intense over exertion and even from hormones dropping in the body. Sometimes these types of headaches can cause other problems that make everyday living almost unbearable, such as blurred vision, […]

The Effective Pursuits of Goals – Part 1

The Effective Pursuits of Goals – Part 1 One challenge in recovering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) is transforming good intentions into action when implementing the lifestyle changes recommended by Dr. Lam. This process often begins with a desire to change one’s daily routine in regards to activities such as exercise, maintaining an AFS-friendly diet, reducing stress levels, and adhering to Dr. […]

Adrenal Fatigue and Over Exercising- Part 1

Adrenal Fatigue and Over Exercising- Part 1 Most people think of exercise as jogging or muscle building. While these are beneficial to general good health and promotes circulation and muscle strength, it is not the best solution when it comes to Adrenal Fatigue. In fact, wrong exercises and over exercising may make Adrenal Fatigue worse and can trigger adrenal crashes easily. Let […]

Detoxifying Beet Soup

Detoxifying Beet Soup Beet detoxifies the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. It is high in iron to help combats anemia. Partial Raw version 1: Put in Vitamix: 1 organic beet root, cubed 1 bunch organic beet green, chopped Dorine Soup Base 1 (hot – semi raw version) Add ½ cup pre-soaked nuts 1 clove garlic 1/2 tsp ginger – […]

Prime Rib

Prime Rib Try to get grass fed organic (free of antibiotics and hormones) beef. Grass fed beef is also higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which is found to reduce risk of heart disease. Beef is a good source of selenium and zinc, which helps improve inflammation and the immune system respectively. 1 Standing Rib Roast, whatever size suits your […]

Cholesterol, Hypertension and Stress – Part 2

Cholesterol, Hypertension and Stress – Part 2 Read Part 1 Now! Elevated Blood Pressure Hypertension and stress weakens the artery wall which are already stiffened and narrowed by plaques. As the heart is overloaded, blood pressure continues to rise. This increase forces the left ventricle of the heart to work even harder, causing left ventricular hypertrophy, resulting in chronic heart failure […]
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