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Question: I’m a 48 year-old woman who has run 3 marathons. I did them all within a 10 month period. My last one was 2001 Boston Marathon with a time of 3hrs. and 50 minutes. I qualified and was psyched to do a Fall ’01 Marathon and then Boston ’02 when I became ill. August […]

All About Marathon Running and Your Body

All About Marathon Running and Your Body Is marathon running good for your health? We have seen and heard a lot about how running and exercising is healthy for your body and your heart. In some cases it is really good to exercise. However, let’s take a closer look at some research findings about marathon running and see if it is truly […]

Drugs and Medications Ask Me Archives

Question: I want to know if there are certain foods that a person should avoid eating while taking the drug warfarin. If there are any could you please tell me what these foods are? I was hearing that one to avoid is mauby, is this true? Answer: People taking warfarin should avoid food high in […]

Atherosclerosis Treatment Need Not Include Aspirin

Atherosclerosis Treatment Need Not Include Aspirin Atherosclerosis is a condition whereby the artery walls are narrowed due to a build-up of plaque. Plaque is a combination of cholesterol, fat, calcium, and other particles found in your blood. As the arteries are narrowed, they harden, ultimately prohibiting the proper flow of blood to the different parts of your body. Many people see […]

Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito Repellents A recent study documented the efficacy of several products and devices to determine their mosquito repellent properties. The New England Journal of Medicine (2002;347:13-18) recently published a study conducted by investigators from North Carolina and Florida. The study was based on four products that contained DEET, a repellent that contains IR3535, three wristbands containing repellent, […]

Natural Anticoagulants: Alternatives to Rat Poison

Natural Anticoagulants: Alternatives to Rat Poison Coumadin (warfarin) is a blood thinner drug that has been used for the last 50 years to prevent blood clots in legs as well as to prevent strokes. Unlike natural anticoagulants, it has quite a toxic history. It was originally used as a rat poison in early wars to cause fatal bleeding. While the drug […]

Food Additives – Good or Bad?

Food Additives – Good or Bad? Food labels nowadays are more confusing than ever. To consumers these labels often read like a foreign language. For those who are not nutritionally oriented, it is difficult to know what we are really eating with all the different food additives used today. Over 30 other common additives are used. Here is a summary of […]

Detoxification Ask Me Archives

Question: With the findings from the National Institute of Health’s lasted double blind study showing Chelation Therapy had no greater effect than placebo, do you still stand by your claim that Chelation therapy is an appropriate treatment for heart disease? Answer: Chelation therapy is a great way to bind the toxic metals out of the […]

DIY Household Cleaners: Tough on Dirt, Gentle on You

DIY Household Cleaners: Tough on Dirt, Gentle on You Commercial household cleaning products are highly toxic and environmentally unfriendly. They irritate your body and cause it stress. Because of the fact they are ever present in the home and are used on surfaces you regularly come in contact with, cleaning products tend to produce long term stress than assaults the body over time, causing […]

Botulism Poisoning

Botulism Poisoning Disease Description Botulinum toxins are a group of seven related neurotoxins (Types A-G) produced by the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum. Most cases of human botulism is caused by toxins types A, B, D or F. These toxins are the most potent neurotoxin known. The toxin can be formed in canned foods and subsequently ingested. The clinical […]
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