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Research Supports Preventing Osteoarthritis With Metabolism Alteration

Categories: Bone and Joint, Metabolic Health

Preventing osteoarthritis is now no longer impossible. Yes, you have heard it right! This painful degenerative joint disease which was assumed to be a part and parcel of the natural aging process can now be controlled. New findings have linked osteoart …

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Trans Fats and Increased Aggression

Categories: Food, Mental Health

Trans fats are one of the biggest concerns in health circles. They’ve been linked to a variety of health problems and may cause diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancers. However, despite these health concerns, there’s little talk about …

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New Evidence for Age-Related Lung Function Decline in Women

Categories: Cardiovascular Health, Women's Health

As you get older, you may experience a number of illnesses and diseases related to your age. As the average life span expands, an unfortunate side effect is the fact that many older people experience a range of unpleasant medical conditions and declini …

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Manage Adrenal Fatigue with Tea and Epigenetics

Categories: Adrenal Health, Hormonal Health, Metabolic Health

For years, many have known tea to be a beneficial drink that can improve one’s overall health. In fact, tea has been known to help calm the nerves during times of stress. Recently too, it has been proven that tea and epigenetics can play a key role whe …

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The Health Tech Revolution: How Does It Affect You?

Categories: Adrenal Health, Exercise, Living with Adrenal Fatigue, Weight Management

Over the past decade, digital technology has taken the world by storm. While digital trends usually tend to focus on lifestyle, attention is increasingly being turned toward health tech. One of the main reasons for this is that consumers are becoming i …

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Delay Menopause: Check Your Diet

Categories: Adrenal Health, Diet, Hormonal Health, Women's Health

One thing almost all women have in common is the fact that at some stage of their lives, they are going to experience menopause. Sleep may become an issue, with mood swings, irregular periods, and hot flashes becoming the order of the day. Less common …

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Benefits of Brain Boosting Minerals

Categories: Adrenal Health, Brain Health, Supplements

If you’re struggling with remembering and focusing, try to remember this: brain boosting minerals may be a great way to help you improve your mental ability. Researchers from Deakin University in Australia have been studying the benefits of how iron an …

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Nutritious Heart-Healthy Sweet Potato Pizza Dough

Categories: Adrenal Health, Diet, Food, Recipes

Pizza is everyone’s favorite food and often found on the menu, however, this popular fast food has been linked to obesity, cardiovascular problems, and high blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, the refined flour crust and processed cheese—laden with hydr …

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Benefits of Ketamine: A New Pinch Hitter for Depression? – Part 2

Categories: Adrenal Health, Brain Health, Drugs and Medications, Inflammation, Mental Health

Read Part 1 The Benefits of Ketamine for the Neuroaffect Response The benefits of ketamine, whether through its NMDA receptor blocking, or through the metabolites it creates in the body when it is broken down, are partly due to its ability to affect th …

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Benefits of Ketamine: A New Pinch Hitter for Depression? – Part 1

Categories: Adrenal Health, Brain Health, Drugs and Medications, Hormonal Health

Depression is no longer a so-called “first world problem” – it’s a worldwide epidemic of huge proportions. It’s estimated that around 350 million people around the world have depression. That’s almost 5% of the global population. Around 16 million peop …

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