I have a concussion, and what would I need to do about it?

Q: Please explain to me how I would know if I have a concussion, and what would I need to do about it? I just hit the front top of my head when I closed the hatch on my 4×4. I did not pass out. However, I do feel sleepy and over the years, I have done stupid things like this. I have probably hit my head hard about 5 times. Thank you.

A: When you have a concussion, your brain is a bit jolted. The brain is suspended in fluid, and this jolt can result in headache, seeing “stars”, sleepiness, vomiting, and blurring vision. It all depends on the severity.

If any of the symptoms continue to persist, see a doctor. There could be internal bleeding that slowly accumulates over time, say a few days. The first 24 hours is most critical, so have someone make sure you can get up periodically, say every 2-4 hours.

Pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. It’s one of the few ways the body knows to communicate with us. Taking pain medication can dull this communications channel, and as a result, you may not hear the signal, overdo things and thus cause more damage, and not even know it. I rather you pay attention to your body and see a doctor as needed for your ultimate benefit. Try not to take pain pills if you cannot help it.

Finally a diet that is light will be good just in case you have vomiting. We also don’t do not want the food to go into the lungs.

The key is to be alert and see doctor right away if symptoms get worse.

I applaud your decision to take control of your health. I hope my answer empowers you to make an informed decision. Feel free to continue to write back on me on this matter if you still have questions that are unresolved or need further clarification.