Lack of progesterone be causing me to abort the baby

Q: I took a home pregnancy test this weekend and it was positive! This will be my 4th pregnancy and I have one child. My other two pregnancies failed at 9 weeks. We always monitor the HCG levels and this last pregnancy they increased correctly and we even had an ultrasound that verified the heartbeat. It stopped though at about 6 weeks according to the measurements of the ultrasound data. My question is can a lack of progesterone be causing me to abort the baby before it reaches 12 weeks? I have heard of this before. I am scheduled for a blood test this afternoon to verify the pregnancy and HCG levels. Should I test the blood for progesterone?

A: You should definitely consider progesterone as one of the monitoring parameter. Blood test for progesterone is not as accurate because it measures the binded fraction but not the free fraction which is present in saliva testing. However, most MDs are not familiar with saliva testing. So blood is better than nothing. To maximize your chances of keeping the baby, some people advocate apply natural progesterone to match that level that is usually for the first trimester until you reach that time when the body’s progesterone level rises and you don’t have to take natural progesterone anymore by end of first trimester. This is very general and for educational purposes only. Please do not proceed without consulting your personal physician.