Is the risk of retoxification from sauna minimal?

Q: Is the risk of retoxification from sauna minimal?

A: Sauna is a good detoxification modality using heat. With heat, the blood vessels tend to dilate and toxins are released in the form of sweat outside the body. The problem with those in Adrenal Fatigue is there is a tendency to have retoxification reaction due to released toxins that are not able to be released outside the body and, therefore, recirculates inside the system of our body. When it goes to the joints, can cause joint pain; when it goes to the brain, can cause brain fog. The key to the proper use of sauna in Adrenal Fatigue is to not do it when you are in advanced stages and only start with short periods of time when your coach gives your permission. Excessive use of detoxification modalities, including sauna, can actually trigger adrenal crashes.