Hi, Dr. Lam, I see a lot of people recommend you for adrenal issues

Q: Hi, Dr. Lam, I see a lot of people recommend you for adrenal issues, so I thought I’d ask a question.
I have had fairly severe hypoadrenia for a couple of years. I am slowly getting better, but I have a newer symptom that is troubling. Basically, it has to do with breathing. When I do a deep breath, or even moderately deep, I get a strange feeling in my chest/lungs. It’s as If I just walked up a very long and steep stairway. It doesn’t seem to happen if I breathe more into my belly, and it varies throughout the day. Sometimes I don’t notice it, other times, more at night, it lasts awhile. It’s doubly unsettling because a nice deep breath can be relaxing, so it’s taking that away. I don’t smoke and have never had breath issues before.
Have you seen this as a symptom of adrenal issues? As I said, I have been feeling a bit better, feeling more relaxed, a bit more energy, but then this cropped up. I think it was there in a much smaller form in the past, and it seemed to me it might be a nervous system feeling in my chest.
I am on a pretty basic protocol – lots of sleep, B vitamins, morning sea salt, 25 mg DHEA (advised after saliva test with Clymer Healing Center, levels had been getting lower), and good healthy food, no stimulants caffeine or sugar.

A: This is not common, but not very unusual. Usually there is something else going on and only a detailed history and questioning will be able to find out. There are also many other metabolic possibilities. Without more detail, I am not able to grasp the full picture, and thus my response can be only very general. Bear in mind that with adrenal fatigue, there is often a catabolic state and loss of electron in the cellular structure. A wide variety of muscular and neurological symptoms can present itself, including respiratory issues. Without strong muscles, it is not possible to take a deep breath, for example.