I can move forward with my Adrenal Fatigue recovery

Q: Any time I do any exercise, I am exhausted for a couple hours afterward. However, if I don’t exercise, I gain a lot of weight; even if I eat healthy. Are there any suggestions you can give me so I can move forward with my Adrenal Fatigue recovery but not put on all the weight?

A: Exercise is a common cause of adrenal fatigue. The body’s energy is expended during exercise and needs to be replenished. In adrenal fatigue, this ability is compromised. Rest is needed for the energy reserve to be rebuilt. During adrenal fatigue, it is very hard to lose weight or it’s easy to gain weight around your mid section. Your body does not want to lose weight as a way to conserve energy and your body may develop metabolic syndrome due to the constant high cortisol level in the initial stages of adrenal fatigue. This may be temporary, provided that you take the opportunity to fortify and support the adrenals because once your adrenal function improves, your metabolic rate will usually rise, the insulin becomes more stabilized and weight reduction is then easier.